Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
By Big Arnold
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Published on Monday 17 September 2012 09:21
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Police check out the Pier’s saucy postcards
9:00am Wednesday 19th September 2012 in News By Bill Gardner
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Police called in over saucy postcards in Eastbourne
PUBLISHED: 14:11, 19 September 2012 | UPDATED: 20:57, 19 September 2012
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Is Eastbourne the LAST prudish townin Britain? Police visit seaside postcard seller after clergyman complains he is selling pornography
Published on Wednesday 19 September 2012 16:45
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Saucy pier postcard latest: Is Eastbourne Britain’s most prudish town? asks Daily Mail
By ezinra
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The Murdoch versus Mail spat over copy theft turns nasty:

http://m.theaustralian.com.au/media/med ... 6960040430" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Roy Greenslade summarises Martin Clarke's "vision" well, I think:
He went further still in order to ensure that Mail Online would become a one-stop shop for casual news browsers. He ensured that every half-decent human i interest or celebrity story in every other newspaper and popular magazine would also appear on the Mail site. Everything became fair game to attract the widest possible audience. In the digital world’s count-the-click environment, Mail Online reigns supreme, boasting 172 million unique-monthly browsers in May. Clarke’s strategy has worked.

As with past Mail projects, he was given the necessary backing and resources. He was also able to hire an editorial team cheaply because it’s a buyers’ market for publishers seeking young journalists nowadays. After early complaints about copy theft, he introduced rules. The originating publication must get a mention high up in the Mail’s rewrite and there must also be a hyperlink to the original.

But this is fake etiquette aimed at providing cover for what is, essentially, journalistic grand larceny.
Mail Online's strategy is to make itself a massive Amazon-sized warehouse full of celebrity tat and lowest common denominator clickbait. What a glorious vision.

Somehow, there isn't a Martin Clarke thread on this site. He's the dark lord of Mail Online.
By new puritan
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More to come.
Mail Online has begun carrying sponsored content from the Government on its homepage – and is using its own journalists to write it.

This feature from the Home Office is written in the Mail Online style, and displayed like regular news stories and features. But it is flagged up as SPONSORED content at the top.

The story inside also closely follows the Mail Online house editorial style, but is again marked up as SPONSORED.

It is the latest example of ‘native advertising’ – or advertising which is designed to not to look like advertising.
http://www.pressgazette.co.uk/content/m ... orial-deal" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The fourth estate, there. Chilling effect of Leveson or something.
By Daley Mayle
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I had a look at that and you couldn't miss the 'Sponsored by...', not even your average Paragraph-19-avoiding Mailite. I have often noticed the advertorials where a non-story about a sleb is followed by details on how and where you can buy that budgie-smuggler/cheese cutting thong featured.
By satnav
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Tom Watson has just posted a link to this story by a journalist who spent a year working in the Mail-online newsroom in America.

http://tktk.gawker.com/my-year-ripping- ... 1689453286

The story confirms what many people on this board have suspected for a while that most of the Mail's web content is nicked from other sources.
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