Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Dacre can't last forever, and it is rumoured that Viscount Can't be Bovvermere has his eye on a replacement, thus guy, Tony Gallagher, currently editor of the Telegraph.

He is clearly getting in touch with his more mellow side in anticipation. He tweets, in reference to the victims of press harassment, lies and victimisation:
Tony Gallagher ‏@gallaghereditor

And superb @matthewsyed in The Times: freedom of press too important to be hijacked by victims; their suffering a colossal red herring
What a nice man.
By smod
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The UKIP fostering story proved Gallagher's Mail credentials. Running a story on a Friday, knowing the offices will be shut on a weekend, when only half the facts are established. Attacking the 'Nanny' state and turning the paper into a UKIP endorsement. That's not really the mark of 'quality' broadsheet journalism. It's cheap and opportunistic tabloid behaviour.
By Lord Brett
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The Mail was a lying sack of shit long before Dacre arrived on the scene, and personalising its faults with the face of one person (even one so clearly unpleasant as Paul Dacre) has always struvk me as missing the point.

Still, Dacre has performed his assigned task very well, and one can only hope that he'd the Mail equivalent of Alex Ferguson: a replacement will be foud, but not one who is anything like so successful.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Yes it was, and presumably the Rothermere's are to thank for that, but it has been systematic and very narrowly politically focussed under Dacre. He is so controlling that all aspects of the paper now reflect his personality, rather than political allegiance.
By Kreuzberger
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No place for Martin Clarke? He's a barely house-trained virus, I've heard it said, with "impeccable" tabloid credentials and has played no small part in making the online product the success is currently is.

Whether he has a weak bladder or not is neither here nor there. Nipping off to the bog every half-hour would be even less of an issue for an EIC with underlings a-plenty.
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