Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
Lotto winner who scooped £5million jackpot runs out of luck when he strands his £100,000 Bentley in thigh-deep flood water
Robert Johnson, 65, shunned publicity after £5million jackpot win in 2008
Bernard Robinson, who has been friends with Mr Johnson for three decades, said the businessman won £5million on the lottery in 2008 but decided not to go public with his winnings.
With friends like you, he doesn't have to.
The gang rape that horrified South Africa
According to a Health Department spokesman, her injuries were so severe that her family asked authorities not to release the details.
However it was later revealed that.........
Fozzy wrote:I think it's not so much that they don't understand the concept, as that they regard anything that prevents them from reporting whatever they want in as much salacious detail as possible as an affront to humanity and a breach of Dacre's yumanrites.
Well, yes. There's certainly a wilful lack of understanding when it comes to having their cold, black hearts set upon serving up massive portions of salacious soup.

To wit, that word "revealed".

I have a mental picture of a Fagin-type character grinning menacingly and slowly opening his cage-like hands to present a cancerous newt for our eyes to feast upon.
It's very unpleasant.

There's no business case for the Drip, it's a personal mission it seems. There's a business case for the Sidebar of Shame, even anti-police, anti-Cameron and anti-Europe stories, they bring in readers. But for the Drip?
An article from last year I've just been reminded of by this thread.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z2KiSgw6vO" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

A man was stunned when he looked out his flat window on Friday evening and caught a couple brazenly having sex in the building opposite him.

The pair, who have yet to be identified, had not pulled the window blinds in their Nottingham city centre office and were in a full view of residents in the building.

The shocked onlooker, who did not want to be named, filmed the entire encounter.


Do you know the couple? If so contact our newsdesk on 0203 615 1937
Perhaps greatest intrusion of privacy I can think of. Even if it wasn't, is this the kind of material suitable for a 'family newspaper'?

The hypocrisy annoys me the most though in someways; the moral superiority they present is nothing but a veneer.
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Fflaps wrote:Clearly not that shocked then was he? :roll:

So they forgot to close the blinds. They were still indoors, it wasn't like they were at it in the street. The guy should be ticked off for his voyeuristic behaviour.
He was so shocked he watched them for a whole 20 minutes, was unable to phone the police and apparently forgot his own name.

Hasn't the Mail despised anonymity in recent articles about the internet, particularly in relation to sexual offences?

This could also go in the Mail misreads it's public, at least in regards to some of the comments.
Think the hypocrisy lies in the Mail's stance towards "Stazi" CCTV cameras (i'm not a great fan of them tbh), yet there are literally 1000s of Mail articles featuring videos of CCTV footage.

I'm surprised Cameron doesn't green-light a Circle-style "Social Enterprise" consisting of replacing CCTV cameras with Daily Mail hacks carrying video phones at quadruple the cost.
Couldn't see this mentioned in any other thread...apologies if it has been.

Yesterday, MailOnline ran photos of actress Evan Rachel Wood carrying an ultrasound image of her unborn child. They said she was 'strolling down the street' and even published a zoomed-in close-up of the image of the unborn child.

Wood took to Twitter to complain, pointing out she was in actually on the roof of the hosptial parking garage,not strolling down the street, and that she had never been more violated by a photographer. She asked MailOnline (she didn't name any other oulet) to remove the photos. And they have.
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I saw the Twitter exchange - it was retweeted by John Prescott. It was also mentioned on Sky News papers this morning.

What a win for the Mail...
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:It's very unpleasant.

There's no business case for the Drip, it's a personal mission it seems. There's a business case for the Sidebar of Shame, even anti-police, anti-Cameron and anti-Europe stories, they bring in readers. But for the Drip?
It would have the effect of making all other papers seem a bit too hippy-dippy and left wing after a time. It's not a recruitment strategy, it's a retention strategy.

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