Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
Some desperate stuff from a cult that wrongly predicted the end of the world for the umpteenth time

Meanwhile in multicultural Horsham
R. Neptune, Horsham West Sussex, 6 minutes ago
I know of 25 in one house alone.
What possible question is that; can you repeat the word benefits three times?
The Granny, Cardiff, 17 minutes ago
Benefits Benefits Benefits... Does that give you the answer to your question.
vm, solihull, 20 minutes ago
Even if this was true it is only 14th January and still time for them all to arrive! The fact is nobody can say how many will come but we are full so 14 is already too many!
Go on mystic Steve, have a punt
STEVE, UK, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
It take time to travel by Bus from Bulgaria and Romania to the UK. Give it 6 months to year and we will be swamped by East Europeans wanting the good life.Our Welfare System will breakdown and our Infrastructure will collapse in 5 year time. Mass Immigration is National Suicide!
I suspect it takes less than six months to a year to travel by bus, even at the five miles in an hour my commute managed this morning [/firstworldproblem]
The facts don't fit the narrative?

Easy, rubbish them. As a tactic, I am loathe to get to both feet to applaud but it does serve to remind us that the enemy is far from beaten.
Benefits Street child bride, 15, has baby with her husband entitling Romanian couple to £88-a-month child hand outs

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... d-out.html

Note the words "entitling".....

They aren't claiming benefits.

The Mail knew their readers are too fucking thick and reactionary to actually take this on board, though.

And of course, they duly deliver...

Susie Q, Giving You My View, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
Too many Benefits dished out far too easily in this country, she is underage and should have been sent back home straight away, we should not have to look after the world and it's problems.
+494 -21
waywoodwind, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
although it is not known if they intend to claim them!!!!!!! well i've heard every thing now they've come here as all the foreigners have because our past and present parliaments give them our benefits and freebies for the asking
+268 -19
Lynn, london, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
And what contributions have they made,,,, NOTHING just scroungers. I worked for over 4o years and made redundant a few weeks ago and can't claim a penny because my husband works and for the last two years I work 16hrs before that I was full time. absolute joke this government get a backbone and ship the lot back home
+374 -14

For those that didn't watch it (I don't blame you!) pretty much the only people on the show who aren't claiming benefits are the Romanians....
The Guardian has an interview with Victor Spirescu:
Within minutes of touching down at Luton airport on New Year's Day, the 30-year-old, who lived in a small village in rural Romania before flying into the UK to "work, earn money and go home", became the unwitting face of the UK's latest convulsion over immigration.

Since then he has, in a supreme irony, been forced by frenetic media attention to leave his first job working in a carwash in Bedfordshire – although he has managed to find another this week in east London.
At the height of the media frenzy Spirescu, whose new job is in the construction industry, says he was getting more than 50 phone calls a day from journalists. Reporters were turning up at his family's home in Romania and photographers were posing as customers at the carwash where he worked in an attempt to get new pictures of him.

"I began to feel so bad," says Spirescu. "They take these pictures and they make me look like the shit man of this country because I come here to work. One photographer came with the car and got it cleaned and then took a picture of me – it was all getting a bit crazy."
Following months of scare stories in the British press about the waves of beggars and benefits cheats waiting for the working restrictions to be lifted on 1 January, journalists and politicians had gathered in the arrivals hall at Luton airport for flight W63701 from Târgu Mures. But it soon became clear that, despite media predictions, the overwhelming majority of the 146 passengers were part of the small established UK Romanian community – many of them professionals returning to their jobs after a Christmas break with their families at home.
So when Spirescu sauntered through with a woolly cap pulled down over his ears and admitted it was his first time in the UK and that he was here to work, he was quickly surrounded by journalists – as well as the chairman of the home affairs select committee, Keith Vaz.

"There were television cameras, journalists and this guy Keith Vaz – what was he about? I had no idea," says Spirescu with a rueful smile. "All I could think is, what is the problem here? I had just come to work, earn money and go home. I couldn't really believe what was happening."
Wonder if and how the Mail will twist this.
Mail summary of the Guardian interview. They've reported most of the "facts", though in such a way that the Mailites will react furiously:
Now it seems he has landed a new job earning £60-a-day working on a building site somewhere in east London, and is planning on moving his 19-year-old fiancee Catalina Curcean to the UK as well.

Spirescu says Catalina is hoping to move from their pig and sheep farm in Transylvania and get a job as a cleaner.

He says her money will be spent paying for all their bills and food, while his money will be saved to buy a Mercedes when they move back to Romania in a year's time.
As someone else points out about the comments:
John S, Bromley, United Kingdom

Now let me summarise the comments. Every single "newcomer" either comes over here to go on benefits or to work illegally for cash in hand. The PM personally pulls a few strings to get them these jobs. They all sleep ten in a bed. They are also all "brick liars". Once they have established themselves, they bring the whole family over and start breeding like rabbits. Is that about right?
Fozzy wrote:Those commenters on the story about there being massively fewer Romanian immigrants than predicted sound positively disappointed. They've obviously been looking forward to the New Year and the wonderful moaning opportunity for months.
Comparing circumstances and facts to the Polish influx would have led to wiser heads to have edge their bets on the Romania/Bulgaria immigrant issue (many Tory ministers have been relaxed about it). But the UKIP/press line was to tell a lie and tell it as often as you can until a rational debate becomes irrelevant.

I was about to write that they didn't have a crack at the Croation hoardes heading our way but I see the Mail had a go
Britain faces new wave of immigration as Croatia joins the EU - with half its youth out of work
Croatia has a population of 4.2million and overall joblessness rate of more than 20 per cent

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z2qqahp8vx" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
I suspect British holidaymakers are more familiar with the country and its people so is therefore trickier to portray it as a country of thieving gypos riding horse and carts in the mud.
shyamz wrote:That would give them the perfect excuse to beat up any immgrants or other people they don't like.
A mailite lifting a finger in anger? That's never going to happen. Their twin-track predisposition to fear and bulling means that they would stand in a circle egging on the violence but they would crumble at the thought of going toe-to-toe with Spirescu.

Their support for UKIP and other extreme right wing outfits is where they play out these fantasies.
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