Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
By Abernathy
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Agreed. The case fits the Mail's lying agenda of course, but it's no less despicable for that.

Elsewhere, someone has pointed out the Nazi propaganda-like usage of the word "bred",
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By D.C. Harrison
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In all honesty, I was expecting a headline like this. The narrative has been set and it's all out war on the poor now.
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Bastard, I don't know what we're going to do about the Mail I really don't :evil:

Exploiting the deaths of innocent children for poltical gain just makes me want to cry :(
By Inquisitor
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D.C. Harrison wrote:In all honesty, I was expecting a headline like this. The narrative has been set and it's all out war on the poor now.
Indeed, I sensed this would be the focus.

I expect in the coming days the Mail will use Philpott's actions, no matter how legal or benign they were in themselves, as an example for every wrong in Britain.

Other than his welfare status, I expect his sex life will be particularly scrutinised because we know how the Mail feels about sexual matters outside their own set parameters.
By Abernathy
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Decent article from the boy Jones in the Indie.

Also, as some have pointed out, is the Philpott case really that different from the case of (non-benefits claiming) Christopher Foster ?

No, of course it isn't. For the Mail to hang a further bout of Dacre's Drip benefit claimant bashing on this tragedy is beyond the pale.
I see A. N. Wilson has penned a suitably hateful piece to complement the main headline:
Philpott happened to live in Derby, but versions of the Philpott family can be found in any town in Britain.

Whole blocks of flats, whole tenement buildings are filled with drug-taking benefit fraudsters, scroungers and people on the make.

The riots that began in Tottenham, North London, two summers ago, and then spread to other British cities, showed what has happened to Britain as a result of the perversion of our benefits system.

We have turned into a country where ordinary morality — the simple concept that you do not take what is not yours — does not seem to register in whole rafts of society.
His story throws into surreal relief the row between the Tories and Labour this week about Iain Duncan Smith's much-needed benefit reforms. While the Left and the Church cry that they are unfair and immoral, the Government argues calmly that what is immoral is leaving families such as Michael Philpott's to languish on benefits for generations.

Indeed, Philpott never even attempted to find a job. The children owed their existence to his desire to milk the welfare system.
Philpott did not suddenly decide, after a blameless life, to set fire to his house, with six children inside it, and blame it on his ex-mistress.

He did so after years of cynically exploiting the system; years of having children so as to claim yet more benefit; years of rampant dishonesty; years of treating the women in his life as objects of pleasure and the resulting children as a means to an end of more money for beer and cannabis.

Do you think that Philpott would have done this crime if he had worked regularly for the past 20 years and provided for those six children out of his own pocket?

It is a difficult matter to prove, but I know what I think.
That final sentence rather sums up the Mailite view of the world. "It may not be true, but I think it is, and that's all that matters."
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Mail really did stand out from the crowd on a newspaper rack with the rest of the others. When I was queuing up for some breakfast this morning there was the expected anger towards Philpot in the headlines of most of the papers (that I saw). Focusing on him and his despicable act, of course. Then in the corner you have the Mail headline, grumbling about welfare and how terrible the country has become. It's so painfully obvious.
By MacGuffin
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Wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the Sun forum, but that paper's editorial is also telling.

The first edition editorial ended:
“Let’s hope this is the last time the State unwittingly subsidises the manslaughter of children”
The second, and online, edition editorial ends:
“Let’s hope this is the last time the State unwittingly subsidises a monster like Philpott.”
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