Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Subsequent to Dacre's shambolic piece in the Guardian, an excellent fisking:
http://edinburgheye.wordpress.com/2013/ ... re-fisked/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Long read but well, well worth it.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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I dunno. My Tory cousin has put Dacre's piece up on Facebook - he loves it. Absolutely no critical thought whatsoever. He can't get over not liking Campbell, therefore whatever Dacre says must be correct. Infantile. And he's the leader of the Tories on our council.
By Big Rob
Why is the left obsessed by the Daily Mail?

Oh I don't know... Why are you obsessed with the BBC, gay marriage, muslims, immigration, white middle class supremacy and the friggen' left?

Paul Dacre wrote:'Our crime is that the Mail constantly dares to stand up to the liberal-left consensus that dominates so many areas of British life.'
Your crime is to write distortions and flat out untruths to make sure that 'undesirable' groups know their place.

Liberal-left is a slur for anyone who disagrees with hypocrites/shitheads/swivel eyed loons nowadays....
By Big Rob
His whole argument seems to be I am an unpleasant excuse of a human being because many other unpleasant excuses of human beings work for a living.

Standing up for sexists, homophobes, nationalists, empathy lackers and racists, who lie to themselves as well as others, is necessary because without the mail they do not have a voice.

Doesn't that make you proud to be British.....
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By davidjay
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I'd love to ask him or any of his fellow travellers how 'the Left' can be running things with a government that's more extreme than Thatcher and local councils with so little power that they just about have control over rubbish collection and road repairs.
By Squeaker
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There is a really weird thread on Mumsnet at the moment, it's up to about six pages now and the OP just keeps going on and on about how Dacre is a national hero. I can't decide if they are an DM intern/employee or if they have been dripped on so much they actually believe what they are writing,
The Mail is not anti migrant, benefit people, gays or transexuals.
Portillo and Tebbit have foreign roots, Duncan Smith was on benefits once, some of the Mail's most senior journalists are gay, and the Mail is not anti transsexuals.
There's pages of this stuff, written in such a stiff, scripted manner. Actually the OP is probably not a journo as they don't seem to understand how newspapers function
The articles about Stephen Gateley and Lucy Meadows were not Daily Mail editorials, they were the views of individual journalists, they were not the views of the Daily Mail.

The sidebar of fame is a side issue and not what the Mail is really all about.
The OP occasionally comments on other threads and often cites DM articles as factual evidence for their opinions. Is Mumsnet pinching our trolls? :D

http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/in_the_news ... peaks?pg=1
By Andy McDandy
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Last time I looked at Mumsnet it was all about people dunking their knobs in glasses of water after sex, or giving popping candy blow jobs. Seriously.

'Sidebar of Fame'? That sounds like some middle manager trying to reclaim lost ground. '...of Shame' came first, and works thanks to alliteration and it being an accurate description. Not just because the copy tried to 'shame' the micro-celebs for whatever they had apparently done wrong, but because it was shameful that journalists were reduced to cranking out prurient captions to accompany pictures of WAGs and MAWs in their bikinis.

Yeah, probably a staffer on duty to contain the damage.
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