Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
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By Bones McCoy
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When you thought 2020 had done its worst, it saved it's biggest blow for last.
Farage and Dacre must slink home without a gong between them.

Reflect that Claire Semtex and KGB Boy are chuckling away from their permanent seats in the lords.
How far down the pecking order must Frogmouth and Cuntmouth be to miss out.
By KevS
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Lewis Hamilton, for all his faults, has probably done more for this country than Farage ever has. A lot of the F1 set up is UK based as we know, and his success has probably peaked interest in it.

Besides which, like all the F1 drivers, they choose to strap themselves into something smaller than a bathtub and try to avoid hitting walls at 200mph (See Grosjean, R) - you've got to have serious cojones to do that week in week out for what is basically a form of entertainment.
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