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Anti-EU editor pockets European subsidies
Posted by Lisa Falconer
2 days ago

(in full)

The editor of the virulently anti-EU ‘Daily Mail’, Paul Dacre, has landed more than a quarter of a million pounds in EU subsidies for his sporting estate in Wester Ross.

Mr Dacre has owned the 14,000-acre Langwell Estate near Ullapool since 2009 and it is heavily marketed to attract shooting and fishing parties. The lodge has recently undergone major renovation.

According to the FarmSubsidy website which tracks EU payments, Langwell received EU grants to the value of 300,408 euros in 2012, 287,000 euros of which was paid under the European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development which is supposed to support “diversification of the rural economy”. Another 13,000 euros was received in Direct Farm Payments.
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Get it out there, comrades. Maybe The Sage of Vero Beach might have something to say about it.
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Swiss and Norwegian farmers are hostile to the EU as their generous grants would be cut under CAP rates. That might explain Dacre's hostility to the EU; their benefit levels are not high enough.

Not that regional development grants to poorer parts of the EU are a bad thing but there seems little space left in the British media to have a grown-up discussion on the issue.
Most Interesting.

Does this mean that he has a vote in the Independence Referendum?

Also intrigues me to see that he's made an application to improve the main house. Planning application (thank you Highland Council eplanning) shows that he's not adding more dwelling space (so probably not letting out to illegal immigrants - there's a separate planning application for another cottage, so maybe) and he's improving the house by adding a tower. Slightly more upmarket than stone-cladding, but if it makes him happier, then so be it. I was hoping it was an application for a wind turbine, but alas it wasn't

I can imagine him up there, binoculars pressed to his eyes, straining to see the oncoming continental hordes. while his nurse tried to calm him down. (His architects are in Tunbridge Wells. Doesn't surprise me.)

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