Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
By youngian
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The Mail has had a long held a grudge against Cherie Blair for being cleverer and richer than its female readers and columnists. But this one is particularly bizarre; HSBC- Cherie's bank
Why Cherie's bank is still a haven for crooks: HSBC reveals 'monitor' installed by the US after it was fined £1.1bn for money laundering has flagged 'concerns at pace of progress'

MPs have called for an investigation into HSBC, and suggested that the payment should have been blocked by its anti-money laundering systems.

HSBC – the bank used by Mrs Blair’s law firm Omnia Strategy – accepted a £210,000 payment from a suspected conman and terrorist for its work for the Maldives’ autocratic president, Abdulla Yameen. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... gress.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
By bluebellnutter
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So her crime is that the company she (presumably) runs uses the bank as...a bank.

Shit, is this the case that now we're all tainted by businesses we use and their misdeeds? I've shopped in Tesco, therefore the horse meat thing was my fault. Sorry about that.
By Fozzy
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This could be a rich new seam of abuse from them. It's going to be British Airways - the airline used by Cherie; Waitrose - the supermarket where Cherie buys her bread; NPower - the firm that supplies the electricity that Cherie's firm uses for all their nasty lefty work; M&S - the shop where Cherie buys her knickers; Google - the search engine Cherie probably uses; etc etc. If she has any sense she'll put in an order for delivery of the Mail and see if she can bring it round full circle.
By Andy McDandy
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It's like "...is linked to...", a wonderfully weaselly phrase that means precisely nothing. It could mean that we're arm in arm, or that we once bumped into each other, or maybe we support the same football team. But the implication is all there, and imaginations will do the rest.
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