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By Bones McCoy
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Daley Mayle wrote:The other demand is 'Where are the girls?'. Yes, a little bit Savilish but the trope suggests that it is only boys, sorry, bewhiskered men, who are being admitted. The girls started arriving in the past week but it's not being reported by the tabloids.

That's them that is...
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Bit of an odd move. This highly sophisticated computer technology the Daily Mail has been using to prove refugees are lying about their age (a fun app, not meant to be used seriously, according to Microsoft) is now the the subject of a light hearted article which highlights the fact it's far from entirely accurate.

It's as if they're taking the piss out of themselves and their readers for taking the "age verification software" seriously with regards to the refugees.

Would YOU dare ask a computer how old you look? Eight brave women try out the terrifyingly simple new internet craze
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/artic ... craze.html

The most galling thing about this is that the Mailites took this app as definitive proof that the migrants were lying. Absolutely no questions about the accuracy. Now?

Joy, Not the USA, 5 hours ago
Stupid app just told me my sister is 10 years older than my mother. And I'm 20 years younger.
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winterhaven, winterhaven, United States, 5 hours ago
I got 16, 18, 34, 41. App is garbage. I'm much older.
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Usernameeeee, Greysville, United States, 4 hours ago
App said I was 10 years older then it said I was 7 years younger than I am. Not very accurate.
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By Andy McDandy
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Some BTL latter-day Oscar Wildes (oh, there are some right charmers there) are saying "LOLZ, the Syrians must have used it to pass the age checks!". Not quite, geniuses. Still, must be great being a mail reader. You're never wrong.
By Andy McDandy
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Remember the readership. Those on the dead tree version think that the Internet is a big box of porn sitting in the corner waiting to knifecrime your kids. Those online are totally taken in by the flashing lights and online disinhibition effect. Tech-savvy they are not.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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This is pathetic. He'd already addressed this which I'm sure they are aware of.

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker snubs rally in support of child migrants from the Calais Jungle a week after blasting the public for their attitude to refugees
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... rants.html


Still, job done:

Dionysius, Islington and wherever, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
Scored yourself an "own goal " here then Gary ! Typical of a Millionaire who lives in a "media bubble " .
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Theyarecoming, Chichester, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
Another coward just like the men who ran away from their countries and entered Europe, or having second thoughts are we mr lineker
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the bear, London, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
can't walk the walk obviously
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By cycloon
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I had my first Twitter spat with someone about this. Some other chap had posted a thing to #askTonyGallagher (which was properly trolled, glorious), juxtaposing Hopkins's nonsense about 'I don't care about migrants [whine whine whine about migrants]' with Linekar's 'so much racism and lack of compassion'. Another guy said 'At least Hopkins says what she thinks!'

So I asked 'why the hell does that matter? Does Linekar not say what he thinks?'

The response/s were basically 'I respect Hopkins because she doesn't tell us what to do, but Linekar does and anyway he probably doesn't believe what he says because he probably wouldn't want migrants in his village.'

So I say 'Presumed hypocrisy trumps real moral ugliness, why?'

'Hopkins says what she thinks'
'That's meaningless'
'She's not tell us what to do'
'That's all she ever does in her columns. "Don't care about this, they're scum"'

It ended there, until chappy linked me the Daily Mail article above saying 'hnmmmm'.

What, so now you can only care about issues if you attend protests? Righto, gotcha. Off you toddle to an EDL march, then.

The double standards was irritating. He accepted Hopkins's nonsense because it was 'her opinion', but Linekar was denied his opinion because he was 'obviously' a hyopcrite (?!) and 'told us what do do'. Nothing to do with the fact that Hopkins said something he agreed with, and Linekar didn't. No sir.
By Kreuzberger
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Silkyman wrote:Stories coming out of the jungle that there are thousands of people including hundreds of kids still in the jungle with nowhere to sleep and fires all over the place.
Just "migrants", or so the BBC has deemed them to be in their "migrant camp". Even (Rivers Of) Rudd is saying that the rest are being "transported" - think about that word for a moment - to refugee centres and we'll begin to understand the depths of the humanitarian crisis that is being allowed to happen, if not sanctioned.

Where the fuck is the UNHCR?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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And there was me thinking this is a racist conspiracy theory pushed by Trump:

Second migrant caravan storms into Mexico: 'Violent' group from Central America carrying BOMBS and guns defies a huge police presence to cross the border from Guatemala as Trump deploys 5,200 troops
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... exico.html
By cycloon
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The cost thing (if true, let's say it is) really gets my goat. So often cost is the ugly reason used to excuse people being shits: 'it costs too much, we need to spend for ourselves, charity starts at home' etc. But then emotively-powerful (in a negative way) policies, like the detention centres, end up costing more, ON TOP of being morally repugnant.

Just fucking OWN your hatred.
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