Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
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By Bones McCoy
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Arnold wrote:
Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:02 am
I'm not sure if that applies to Guardian headline questions.
Very much so:

Do women really need to choose between motherhood and art?
My Child Lebensborn review – could you raise a Nazi baby?
Has fiction lost its sense of humour?
By Messianic Trees
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New Daily Mail editor: we want the least damaging Brexit
The incoming editor of the Daily Mail has indicated that he will only gradually tone down the strident pro-Brexit agenda espoused by his predecessor when he takes the helm at the powerful rightwing tabloid at the beginning of next month.

Geordie Greig has told staff not to expect an immediate change in political coverage when he takes the reins from Paul Dacre, who spent 26 years in charge, for fear of alienating readers and because the wider political situation is so uncertain.

Instead the focus will be on ensuring that the country achieves the least damaging form of Brexit and developing a more nuanced editorial line by next spring, a shift in emphasis that will be welcomed in Downing Street, where Theresa May is battling to control a revolt from the right of her party.

Greig, 57, held a leaving party on Wednesday for staff at the Mail on Sunday, which he edited for six years before being promoted by Lord Rothermere, the Mail’s proprietor. There, he praised them for being part of a “modern, tolerant and tough paper”.

He praised their efforts as “tireless and fearless” as well as “imaginative and persevering” and in particular “collegic” – an emphasis on team working not associated with Dacre, famed on Fleet Street for pursuing an aggressively hierarchical approach.
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