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By Tommy Gun
What is it with leavers who think democracy is about keeping dissenters quiet? They want to remove one of the corner stones of democracy
By Andy McDandy
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They think that now their big question has been answered satisfactorily (to them), further questions are irrelevant.
By youngian
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But what if La Trogneux was a 64-year-old male teacher, who was now hooked up with a female pupil he taught when she was only 15?
In Britain, it would be a job for the Jimmy Savile squad.
But you're not in Britain but a country where he'd become president.
By Andy McDandy
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There was an item in his column last week that amounted to not much more than "Here's a picture of Steve Coogan. I hope he dies". He's not even trying with his "Wouldn't it be funny if..." thing any more. I mean, what's that Le Pen/La Plume thing about*?

*Yes, I get it, pen = plume in French. But really...?
By Andy McDandy
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Double dose of cuntery. First off, students, dopey birds, deaf people, black people, some implied solidarity with his old mate Kelv, and doubling down on prostitutes.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... rence.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Then it's back to the seventies and the winter of discontent, via IMDB to get the details of who was in a thing, to pad it out a little.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... orbyn.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
By mr angry manchester
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What an utter load of bollocks. There was way more to the 70s than strikes, I remember the era well, a lot of this is exaggerated bullshit by right wing twats with an axe to grind.

"The nationalised train service was filthy and unreliable" I used the trains on the Manchester - Bury line then which was just about the best and most reliable service I have ever used. Also the HST Inter City 125 was introduced in the 70s which was a huge success.

Oh, the 80s were fucking great weren't they? NOT. 3 million unemployed, riots in every city in the summer of 81, everything sold off on the cheap.

What a tit Littlecock is
By Andy McDandy
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His line about Burke ("He who forgets his history exam is condemned to repeat it") just sums up his intellectual paucity. Oh no, he sneers, I don't suppose the students read Burke because they're too busy doing Harry Potter studies or going on demos. Because students either have to be a) highfalutin' scholars quipping in Latin, or b) cheap stereotypes from 1970s sitcoms. Not that he's got the faintest idea who the guy was before he was told to shoehorn a reference in so the readers can feel clever. And when it comes to serving up a nostalgic yet inaccurate vision of the past, the Daily Mail is in no position to call anybody on that.
By youngian
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Then it's back to the seventies and the winter of discontent, via IMDB to get the details of who was in a thing, to pad it out a little.
He's found out how to Google as well as is now clued up on political philosophy
The quote about those who don’t read history being condemned to repeat it is variously attributed to everyone from the 18th-century parliamentarian Edmund Burke to the Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana, who died in 1952.

I’m not sure universities bother to teach Burke any more. Not enough time in the syllabus, probably, what with compulsory transgender studies and tearing down statues of long-dead white males taking priority.

How the fuck would he know?
By Andy McDandy
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I remember a Comic Strip one-off set in Oxford university featuring Dawn French as a student who wanted to "Go to Oxbridge and study Byron". Littlejohn really does think it's just like that.
By cycloon
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Sneer at the clever kids, that way you don't need to be bright. Or knowledgeable. Or... well, anything, really.

Littlejohn and the Mail are ultimately champions of utter mediocrity, in all senses: intellectual, moral, physical, financial. Sneer, sneer, pseudo-sophistication, pseudo-intellectualism. That sneers. At intellectuals.
By Abernathy
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mr angry manchester wrote:a grade A bellend. End of.
He's the end of a grade A bellend?

Well, yes, I can see that.
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