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By mr angry manchester
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Part of my take on it is that the global capitalist elite have acknowledged it, but they are using it to their advantage by using it as an excuse to sell more stuff. Like "trade in your old central heating boiler/car or whatever for this new environmentally friendly one, oh and pay us lots of money in the process"

Forgetting that this is simply feeding climate change by encouraging the throw away consumer culture by wasting more of the earths resources, not to mention the environmental cost of shipping/trucking said products al the way from the Far East.
By davidjay
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Of course climate has continually changed, but the rate of change in the past two or three decades is unprecedented. Up until about thirty years ago i can remember a couple of heavy snowfalls each winter - now we get one every two or three years. I can't recall the last time we had a week without rain in the summer. But Dickie talks about a flood over a thousand years ago as though that proves his theory.
By Bones McCoy
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Ask a farmer; spring is earlier, summers are wetter (in northern Europe). Or look at the patterns of migration of birds...
Even a gardener can see the evidence with weird stuff like fruit trees producing an early blossom in late January.

I have my grandfather's copy of The Gardening Year and noticed that Aldoi are selling a modern version knocked down to £1.99.
I'm inclined to but that and compare the dates in both.
By Andy McDandy
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http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... r-mob.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Internet users, apologia for racism, and the like. He really doesn't like people having opinions.
By youngian
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As Trevor Phillips said:
He never used mind my jokes about the Queen Mother and a black man's cock when I employed him as a producer.

Andy, Manchester, 22 minutes ago
The permanently-offended mob at it again, eh? Idiots one and all. Of course Westerners have trouble with Asian names - the spelling is odd to our eyes and their pronunciation makes no sense to our ears. What's offensive about that? These people really, really need to grow up and have a nice lie down.
By Andy McDandy
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As an aside, when he lays into those people who have abused Diane Abbott online, he's on the verge of something (but obviously not a grass verge late at night on the edge of Clapham common!). Yes, the GIFT* is a thing and yes, it cuts both ways. But he fails to recognise that the furore over Abbott on GMB was, to a large degree, his paper and readership being shown themselves in the mirror and not liking what they saw.

*Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory, AKA Online Disinhibition Theory.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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They and their readers' accusations that other people are "permanently-offended" are becoming increasingly ridiculous.

They've always been OUTRAGED about everything, but in the last few years they've turned into the very worst kind of whiny, hand wringing, and keen to be offended little cry babies. I'm not sure how they can accuse others of such things and keep a straight face.

At least half of their output (and Mailite comments) consist of them being upset about what someone has said or done. It's mind boggling that these are the people so keen on the branding everyone 'snowflakes'.
By Andy McDandy
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And RL insists to his readers that he's simply a twinkly-eyed Woganesque "Ho ho, what larks!" type, rolling his eyes at the comical absurdity of it all, while in fact he's a vicious coward, eagerly putting the boot into people with malicious glee, like Lewis Protheroe from V for Vendetta.
By Andy McDandy
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Sad relics of a bankrupt culture, who can't get over the fact that the one ray of hope and joy in their lives - that however miserable they were, there were always women, gays, blacks and weirdoes to laugh at and look down on - is flickering out.
By mr angry manchester
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:D Reminds me of this bloke I used to work with. He used to tell me about this Littlejohn type character who used to go in his local pub every Friday night. He used to call him "Racist Ron" and he would always stand in exactly the same place every week, and he was a big bloke with a loud voice. He had retired early on full pension and had nothing much to do apart from to go to the pub and mouth off.

He hated EVERYBODY. Once, my mate said he was talking to him and this other bloke he knew let on to him "hi Ron" or something, he said "hi" back to him, them, after he'd left said "he's a cunt!" to my mate.

He hated anyone and anything foreign and gays. The barman at the pub was gay, so he would always make a point of really camping it up when serving him, just to annoy him further!

We had another Littlejohnesque type as a client too. He was the boss of a building firm and every conversation with him was peppered with lots of er, strong language. If a liability claim is submitted against a company, you have to submit it immediately to your insurers and not get involved in correspondence with the claimant. I told him this several times, but he used to phone the third party solicitors up and tell them to fuck off and that the claim was bollocks.

Another time, he got another firm of insurers to quote for his business, but decided that he would renew with us after all. He conveyed this decision to us in a phone call where he said " I'm going to renew with you. I don't like this bloke from this other firm, he's dead pushy, he phones me twice a day and...he's a fucking coon!"

Finally, there was the time they had a break in claim. Rather than pay the glazing contractor who had done the work, for some reason, the insurers paid the client, he then banked the cheque and didn't pay the glaziers, so after about three months a woman from their accounts department came on to me, chasing payment. I rang him up and told him that I was getting hassled by the glaziers and that he should settle up, the reply was "oh that bitch, yeah, I had her on too, I fucked her off!!"
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