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By spoonman
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I enjoy quite a bit of music, both general pop & the more indie/guitar based, from around the 82-84 years. Beyond that things turned progressively to shit towards the end of the decade with the occasional exception.
If there is an afterlife, then I hope someone will eventually line up SAW and ask each of them to explain their actions.
By Messianic Trees
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Voting leave is racist then, St Vinny? Is it cos I is white?

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... Vinny.html
Saint Vinny’s intemperate ramblings about Brexit voters tells you all you need to know about the contempt in which the political class holds the people who pay their wages.

One of the questions readers ask me most frequently is: why aren’t you on Question Time any more?

Plus, they’ve started recruiting guests you’ve never heard of, to make the show more ‘diverse’.

Having said all that, I stumbled across QT last week. We stuck with it for ten minutes because Prue Leith was on the panel.

Frankly, they’d have been better off with Prue in the chair, given the way she used to deal headmistressly (is that a word?) with that skinny Irish geezer and the bald bloke from the Guardian on her cookery show.

On Thursday, there was a 20-something nonentity shouting at Liam Fox over Brexit, and everything else vaguely Tory.

Who was it, I asked my wife? Not a clue, she said. Then the caption came up revealing him as ‘George The Poet’.


Who the hell is George The Poet, and what’s he doing on one of the BBC’s flagship political shows?

Actually, maybe I should go back on QT — provided I can appear alongside Bob The Builder, Spit The Dog, Thomas The Tank Engine, and Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner.
By The Red Arrow
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Indeed. Not like he made a waddling, pawing, unrecognisable-from-his column-header-photo-finger-so-far-from-the-pulse-it-wasn't-even-hovering-over-the-right-corpse-idiot-with-a-Friar-Tuck-haircut of himself last time he was on, is it?
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By Andy McDandy
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It also ignores that LD MPs (those that are left) tend to have strong local support, and their third party status means they do have more room to say the unsayable. And that the Mail was quite vocal in support for Vince when he was predicting the crash. Indeed, it was very obviously coming from about 2006 onwards.

But this is Littlejohn. 20/20 hindsight and damn the experts.
By Andy McDandy
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http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... eader.html

I read it so you don't have to as the big twat is fond of saying. I warn You this is truly dire stuff. Aside from the dreadful Corbyn bash, it's a couple of digs at the usual suspects (da kidz, 'tech giants') and something on why tax evasion is a good thing.
By youngian
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Look, I don’t deny that in our modern casino culture, which bombards us with betting adverts, gambling addiction is a serious problem.

And then does just that in the next paragraph
But surely the health service has got enough to do already. It shouldn’t be spending taxpayers’ money on weak-willed punters who can’t pass a bookies or switch on their mobile phone without blowing a week’s wages.

A farmer from Essex has written to the Oxford English Dictionary objecting to the use of pig-based expressions, such as ‘pig-out’, ‘porker’ and ‘eat like a pig’. Fergus Howie says that such descriptions are ‘derogatory to pigs and pig farmers’, and suggest that pigs are greedy, fatty animals.

He wants to change people’s perceptions of pigs and pork products to reflect the fact that pigs are much leaner these days.

But we seem to have reached a point where animal rights have become conflated with yuman rites, including the new inalienable right of the snowflake generation not to be offended.

George Orwell anticipated this madness in Animal Farm.

No he fucking didn't Animal Farm's not about pigs. And farmers have been bigging up pigs to challenge their piggy image since I was in short trousers and probably were in Chaucer's era.
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