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By youngian
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The Red Arrow wrote:
Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:28 am
Yippie yi ooh
Yippie yi yay
Ghost writer in the sky


You may be right as this is just the sort of snidey cuntish thing RJ would say but a bit too smarty pants for his style
the odious federast Peter Mandelson

I'm sure I wrote this for my mate's Anarcho-punk fanzine when I was 13
The men, and women, in Whitehall, in Brussels, in the boardrooms, in the think-tanks, in the courtrooms, really do know best. So shut up and concentrate on the World Cup.
By The Red Arrow
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Wait a minute...
The men, and women, in Whitehall, in Brussels, in the boardrooms, in the think-tanks, in the courtrooms, really do know best.
I thought those in the courtrooms in particular were enemies of the people?

Is Dacre coming around to democracy involving a regular vote? To the Guardian's way of seeing things?

By Big Arnold
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Never mind Boris, never mind David Davis. Why the hell hasn’t Theresa May resigned? She has repeatedly misled the British people and forfeited the privilege of being our Prime Minister.
That's the Mail's job.
By Andy McDandy
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Not really, because as has been said a million times, what brexit means has changed day by day. One day it's all about sending immigrants packing, then a Polish guy gets knifed or a Windrush scandal happens, and that's suddenly not the big issue. One day it's about businesses flourishing, then they say that can't happen and it's fuck business. One day the word is that the economy will boom, then the next it's yeah, we're all screwed but at least we're free.

What it's meant from the start is the country in thrall to a small clique of media barons and disaster capitalists. But that doesn't wash with the people. So "The people" becomes this nebulous concept that one day decided to do a thing and must never be consulted again.
By Big Arnold
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28 June
This is my last column for a few weeks. I’m taking a break to spend some time with my mum, who celebrates her 90th birthday next Thursday
Poor woman.
Lives in Florida banging out two formulaic articles a week. Not much different from a permanent holiday.
By Zuriblue
satnav wrote:
Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:47 am
Another week without Chubby Chops, has he finally been issued with his P45?
Pink Slip, surely.
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