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By larrylargesse
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Called me suspicious but our Al's been briefed to write a piece slagging off the Mganns over this film that they arent making and have issued statements to this effect

so while the mail looks stupid they attach loads of nasty comments about her to the story in order to divert the blame from her employer, who actually asked her to write something so bad...

check out the comments..

What CAN Kate and Gerry be thinking?

well you tell us Ally..

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/a ... rtComments

anybody agree?
By Baht At
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well the Guardian's in on the great plot
Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for Gerry and Kate McCann, said the meeting with IMG before Christmas was positive, but that no deal had yet been signed.
Oh is that the McCann's babysitter that confirmed the story?

If only they'd bothered with one before
By Chris S
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From that article;
a disaster for those of us who have defended them and prayed for their lost child.
Critics who have never forgiven Gerry and Kate for leaving their kids alone in their holiday apartment will be confirmed in their view that the couple have truly terrible judgment
Those damn critics! How dare they be nasty in a case of such emotion?


Sorry, but I blame Scarlett Keeling's mother
Fiona MacKeown, the mother of Scarlett Keeling, the 15-year-old girl who was raped and murdered in Goa, seems less like a grieving mother than an avenging tigress.
I don't know what they call that in globe-trotting hippy circles. Back here on Planet Parent it's known as dereliction of duty.
If anyone's trying to divert attention away from their own mistakes, I'd say it's Mrs MacKeown.
There is more in the article.
By Killer Whale
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Slinkhard wrote:Funny how for all the Mail's right-wing talk about being 'tough' on crime; they're always ready to bend over backwards to excuse murderers, as long as their victims are poor or women.
I think it's a bit more subtle than that. It appears that the middle classes in some way deserve protection (more bobbies on the beat, one on every street corner ideally, tough deterrent punishments etc. - though they don't seem to be too keen to pay for all this) while whenever a working class person or one with an unconventional lifestyle is a victim of crime, they fall over themselves trying to find reasons why the victim should have done more in the way of self-protection.
By Adam
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dmisright wrote:She is an utterly detestable woman. Is there a chance she could eclipse even Hitchens in the hatred stakes?
I don't think Hitchens is that full of hate. He's a pompous git, an insufferable snob and completely incapable of constructing an argument in without pulling out the same few tropes, but he's not nearly as condemning and self-righteous as Allison Pearson.
By Chris S
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Himself has a slightly distracted air of dejection. He lets out a sigh every 30 seconds like an asthmatic air conditioning unit.

Apparently, there is some football thing going on and we're not in it. 'It won't be as good because England's not playing,' he groans.

'Can't you just enjoy the football?' I ask innocently. A look of infinite pain crosses his face. Appalled at the depths of my female cluelessness, he goes off to find someone who understands him better, like the cat.

Obviously, women should be celebrating the fact we're not in Euro 2008. Over the next fortnight, our menfolk might even agree to leave the house without requiring an intravenous drip of Sky Sports.

Their brains will not be transmitting weak signals to Earth from distant Planet Footie, so they may be able to pick up some of our instructions. Still, some of the fun has definitely gone out of summer.

Sales of St George's flags have slumped. Even worse, the Englishman's delicate ego is flying at half mast. I almost feel sorry that the lads can't indulge their favourite delusion that England have a good chance of winning.

It used to be a harmless pastime that kept them out of trouble - at least until the inevitable penalty shoot-out in the quarter-finals.
Obviously women can't enjoy football, and equally obviously all men are obsessed with it. This is a bad thing as when there is football on us useless men can't get orders into our cheeselike brains.

'Apparently, there is some football thing going on and we're not in it.'
'I almost feel sorry that the lads can't indulge their favourite delusion that England have a good chance of winning.'
Oh, know nothing about football and despite it, but I'm sure that England are well rubbish and I know this because... well, bashing England is the done thing, isn't it?

Fuck off back to the kitchen. Oops, that's not right, is it?
By jonnyhead
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cycloon wrote:as an aside, the Euros make it painfully clear how little commentators and pundits know about football outside of...England. Villa has been amazing for years, David Pleat, it's called the Czech Republic, and nations don't rigidly define their members by stereotypes.
Well, I did find out that Jan Koller is quite a big fella. Clive Tyldesley managed to make a light-hearted reference to this pretty much every time Koller even went near the ball, and a few times when he didn't.
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