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By Kreuzberger
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... the Met Office started to tell us how to behave...Check that granny hasn’t collapsed!
How can anyone with an iota of humanity object to checking on the elderly?
By Big Arnold
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From calling your children by the dog's name to turning the heating off in April regardless of the weather – QUENTIN LETTS finds fifty ways you know you're over 50
23. When you mimic a police or ambulance siren you go 'nee naw'. They haven't made that sound for years, Dad
FRO Quentin. And don't come back.
By davidjay
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Boiler wrote:
Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:21 am
Not sure I agree - I'm 53 and I refer to the 70s more than the 80s?
Not wishing to be pedantic, but those three years would make a big difference back then. I'm a similar age to you and I rarely refer to anything pre-77 but could reel off lots of stuff from then onwards.
By Daley Mayle
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davidjay wrote:
Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:03 am
If you're fifty then your cultural references will almost exclusively be from the eighties onwards. Pensioners these days grew up listening to The Who, not Vera Lynn.
'I hope I die long after I'm old and made enough money from The Who so I can have my own trout lake nestling in the grounds of my mansion.
T-t-talking about the popstar generation'
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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I thought the dogs had been unleashed on Keir but after reading it that isn't really the case. He tries to play down the positive reaction to Keir and there's the usual sneering from Letts but, personally, I feel this column has an air of worry to it. I don't think the Mail are looking forward to the Tory conference at all.

QUENTIN LETTS: Blairite Keir Starmer exploded a lethal electoral grenade as he abandoned his Brexit script to shout: 'Nobody's ruling out Remain!'
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/columnists/ ... cript.html

Not since Moses some 35 centuries ago has a red sea been so briskly bifurcated by a gleamy-eyed obsessive.

With a single off-piste remark, Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer said Labour should consider remaining in the EU.

It happened at the height of his conference speech. Sir Keir abandoned his script and shouted: ‘Nobody’s ruling out Remain.’

Actually, they are. Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell seem distinctly cool on the idea, for starters.

But it was a choice moment. In the midst of this Corbynist worship-fest, a Blairite had just exploded a potentially lethal electoral grenade.

Some delegates, such as a smartly attired duo in front of me, loved it, clapping their bejewelled hands and rising to ovate.

Other delegates remained in their seats. Commentators who watched it on telly said the hall was overwhelmingly positive.

Well, I was in there and I’d say a third stood. Two-thirds stayed put on what our older daughter used to call their bontoms.

Bold Sir Keir! He stood there, blinking in his avian way, an uncertain smile quivering. Call to Momentum operatives: Code 10-14, guys, we’ve got a Blairite lawyer on the platform and he’s tooled up with vote-losing Europhile slogans. Can anyone get a clear shot at him?

Neither Mr Corbyn nor Mr McDonnell was present for Sir Keir’s speech. Mr Corbyn turned up almost immediately after Sir Keir left the hall.

When a young man from Northumberland gave a spirited speech about the EU being ‘a capitalist club’ which was hated by working-class Labour voters, he was given a special hug and pats on the back by Mr Corbyn.

Sir Keir’s moment of Remainer rebellion did not win the biggest cheers. They were reserved for some classic Tosh.

I am not being rude. This was a speech of vintage class-warfare by Aslef’s Tosh McDonald, making his adieu as a union leader.

Tosh is that noisy one with the long custardy hair, bearded muzzle and snaggled teeth: imagine if Sir Richard Branson had spent 40 years biting bottle-tops and shouting Tom Waits songs.

A piece of work is our Tosh. Voice as scratchy as Bronco. And still boiling with fury about Mrs Thatcher.

‘I hated her!’ he boomed. ‘I set alarm clocks an hour earlier than I needed just so I could hate her for an hour longer. Since she died, I don’t do that but I still wake up an hour earlier. I can’t help it.’

Huge cheers and this time the complete hall rose to its feet. Tosh clapped himself all the way back to his seat.

A couple of other union leaders criticised Sir Keir, telling him not to undermine The Leader.

Nervous young Gemma Bolton had a message for the Starmers and Adonises of this world: ‘We’ve had a referendum – do you honestly think a second one would achieve anything else?’ A man near me shouted ‘yes!’ but he was alone.

‘We’re gonna leave this hole here today united,’ bawled Manuel Cortes of the salaried workers’ association. It turned out he had said ‘hall’.

Tony Kearns of the Communication Workers adapted 1 Corinthians chapter 13, saying, ‘when I was a child... my dad taught me to hate the Tories. But when I became a man I realised he hadn’t told me how MUCH to hate them.’

Despite such bilious bluster, Conservatives should watch closely what is going on here. Many delegates are young, genuine and they look like modern Britain.

Among them was soft-spoken Carolanne Lello, who said of herself: ‘I’m a working mum from Stourbridge. I’m not special.’ This, rightly, won immediate shouts of ‘yes, you are!’

That sort of party solidarity counts for much more than Brexit splits at the top. And in electoral terms, working mums from Stourbridge DO matter, and are the sort of people the Tories desperately need to attract.

The Mailites, however, are their usual unhinged selves, with the top rated comment practically calling for Keir to be arrested:

Wulfheodenas, East Anglia, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago
Surely there is some law against this. Starmer (I refuse to call him 'sir') is LITERALLY inciting mass civil unrest and the end of democracy.
+663 -37
Here_we_go_again, Manchester, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago
Starmer - the British people ruled out "remain" in 2016 when the majority (of those who could be bothered to vote) chose "leave". Which bit about a democratic vote don't you get?........
+584 -20

Mrs Trellis, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago
Why do all the Labour supporters 'hate' everyone so much. Surely there is something very wrong with people so consumed with hate for their fellow man.
+515 -9
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