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I trust nobody who is upset at the article was involved in sending any jokes about his death by text or posting them on the internet. Bit hypocritical calling a poisonous article poisonous when you've been joking about the man's death (or anyone else's for that matter) yourself. (I like the moral high ground- good view from up here! [C]Frankie Boyle).
By bluebellnutter
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I don't think the two are comparable. While some of the jokes may have been in bad taste, I don't think you could seriously accuse those people who posted them of making slurs against the entire gay community, displaying massive homophobic undertones and insulting his grieving mother and challenging the evidence of trained coroners.

I spread jokes about the death of Michael Jackson at the time. I wouldn't dream of writing a piece in a major national newspaper making false accusations about his death and whether it was because he was gay / black / white / had a stamp collection.

That's the difference. A joke, at the end of the day, is just a joke. And I wouldn't tell it to anyone who was directly related to the dead person, remember this article was (in part) aimed at his partner and family.
By Paul
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The sort of gutter journalism practiced by Ms Moir is typical of tabloid news papers in general and the Mail in particular.
You would have thought that the Mail would have learnt from the McCann case but clearly not.
Part of the problem is that the PCC to not offer any simple complaint service and complaints to the Mail are ignored.
I complained to the Mail about the comments made by Mr Littlejohn about the murders of Ipswich woman and got no response.
If these comments had been made by someone working for the BBC there would be calls by the Mail for sackings.
By bluebellnutter
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Here are some of the highly redded comments...
This is a highly organised attempt to bully Jan Moir, and others who agree with her comments, into silence. Having read the article I can well understand how some of the points raised would seem to be offensive and insensitive to some people at this particular time. However we tread a very dangerous path if we seek to suppress the honestly held views of a respected journalist by such vitriolic attacks on her integrity.

- Tom, Birmingham, 19/10/2009 9:09
-216, that one
Quick someone send for the THOUGHT POLICE!!! Better do it soon I hear they've to attend the BBC to disrupt a free speech event on the 22nd.

- Christian Frank, Billingham, 19/10/2009 9:27
Ayup Jan you arent allowed to go shooting words, however soft, at these rare protected specimens of humanity!

- Nuff Said, Anytown , England, 19/10/2009 9:12
I'm not being "homophibic", as I have no fear of human beings, and I do not feel sad at the loss of a young life, even if I do not agree with his life choices, but let's be honest, the homosexual community does consume copious amounts of "party" drugs, so would it be surprising that this young man died by this? All Jan Moir is saying is that there could be a possibilty...... Everybody seems to be very emotional about this as if the young man in question should not have his "private life" in the public. He chose fame and stardom, and by this he chose for his life to no longer be private but in the public domain. Here come the red arrows.

- Tha Matrix, London, UK, 19/10/2009 9:41
I'm not homophobic, but I'm about to give you all that impression for some reason...what a cunt. Suprised it's not the worst rated, TBH. Currently -178
Where are these thousand comments?

- John Lodge, Lancaster England, 19/10/2009 9:36
Hidden by the Mail, funny that.
All power to Jan Moir.

The scepticism of her article is to be welcomed.

It is amazing to see so many people in Britain opposed to free speech and vicious with it. Methinks they do complain too much.

It was the only article I read anywhere which even hints at the media-managed nonsense surrounding the death of this naff cultural nobody.

- Tweeter, Hong Kong, 19/10/2009 1:59
Yes, how dare we not be allowed to just slag off dead people, their grieving families and medical experts based on tittle-tattle, hearsay and made up bullshit. A thoroughly deserved -89 for him.
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