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By Big Arnold
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JAN MOIR: It’s insulting to say Prince Harry and Wills are dim dolts who can’t think for themselves
Old lives have a nasty habit of encroaching on new lives; the dread spectre of the past a-gorging at the wedding feast.

And in Meghan’s case, there has been no shortage of attempts to sabotage her big day.
In the long run, none of this froth damages Meghan Markle. But what does drive me insane is the endless, weary insistence by some that she is on the make; an unfeeling schemer who had long plotted to marry Harry before she even met him.
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... -MOIR.html
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Different editor. Same targets.

Amal, the greatest citizen on Earth? Oh, puh-lease! JAN MOIR on George Clooney's human rights lawyer wife being made United Nations Global Citizen of the Year
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... -Year.html
Heaven knows how Amal Clooney manages to fit in all that ol' humanitarian work between flitting from party to ball to royal wedding to high-profile wimmin's conferences to couture fittings to speechifying at eminent gatherings to organising the Met Ball to film festivals to dinner with Harry and Meghan to wowing the crowds at red-carpet events, but she does.

And she does it to such an extent that she has just been made Global Citizen of the Year by the United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA).

Yes, I know. Hard to think of a more meaningless gong bestowed upon a less deserving subject — it's not like she needs the fame or the career boost — but that didn't stop our girl embracing the moment with the kind of noble zeal and lightly worn suffering that makes Angelina Jolie appear like a blushing bride.

With her Hollywood husband George on her arm, Amal attended the ceremony in New York on Wednesday (pictured).

As usual, she blazed away in one of her extravagant gowns (a £5,000 number called the Strappy Sweetheart) and Cecil B.

De Mille levels of expertly applied maquillage. As the couple walked up this red carpet of global smug, their carefully burnished humility must have been visible from Mars.

Look at them! Their every good thought praised, their every charitable inclination rewarded, their very presence a kind of benediction upon us lesser folk. What is it like being them?

For thousands of ordinary people do good works out of compassion and a sense of duty alone. They don't expect to be publicly rewarded or honoured for their efforts, which is just as well.

It is they, not the Hollywood elite, who are putting in the hard yards in refugee camps and homeless shelters — or, like 18,000 quietly heroic Mail readers who have signed up to our Christmas campaign, giving up their precious time to volunteer in hospitals, just out of the goodness of their hearts.

Around the globe you will find Mr and Mrs Joe Soap comforting the downtrodden in grotty hotspots, without the prospect of relief or a five-course gala dinner with matching wines and attendant celebrities for months.

Awards such as this are not for them. They are for the likes of Amal Clooney.

Her Global Citizen gong is given to a person working on solutions to various global issues, from conflict and humanitarian disasters to climate change.But let us be honest, what solutions has Amal ever offered? As always, she just points out the problem, then blames Donald Trump.

The UNCA highlights the work of journalists in trouble and journalists who do their jobs under fire, often literally. Although they were honoured at this ceremony, I can't help but think any one of them would have been more deserving of this award than its glamorous recipient.

Amal's growing list of glowing tributes is all too reminiscent of Angelina Jolie being given a rushed honorary damehood in 2014 for her philanthropic efforts by a starstruck William Hague.

Or Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch being awarded CBEs for their highly lucrative career choice of becoming actors and film stars.

However, Amal is very far from being a villainess.

Her work on behalf of refugees, Yazidi women, victims of conflict and girls in need of education is not to be underestimated.

And it's not that the darling girl doesn't deserve awards. She is a shoo-in for the International I Married George Clooney medal, for a start.

That brilliant career move changed her life for ever, turning a former junior lawyer into one of the world's most famous women.

A Global Citizen, no less, one half of a dream team who are clearly on a mission to change the world.

Yet even in the depths of their goodness, everything the Clooneys do seems somehow contrived.

They seem hyper-aware of their self-appointed status as Humankind's Envoys For Good Causes, but there is something about them that jars.

Underneath the smiles, the poise and the Strappy Sweetheart dresses, they lack the ability to be genuine; there seems always to be a tacit purpose and underlying motive in all they say and do.

If George really does plan to run for high political office in America, with the hope of he and Amal entering the White House one day, I wish they would just come clean about it.

They wouldn't seem so weird, for a start. And they would deserve a medal — for honesty.

Pea Soup, Somewhere , United Kingdom, 8 hours ago
Global Citizen of the Year? I don't care who they give it to, it's trite, sanctimonious and basically a crap use of UN time and money. Liberal elite BS!!!!
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Englandisbest, Brum, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago
What! Amal Clooney is just a privileged woman - out of touch with reality! Give this award to someone who deserves it!
+2892 -43
Snowpea, London, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago
Amal sucking the life out of him. He looks 90 years old.
+2177 -67
Nick P, Springfield USA, 9 hours ago
Amal is a complete phoney. Do as I say not as I do! These people are so false. Yet the media kiss up to them like crazy.
+1292 -26
cherryberryboo, London , United Kingdom, 9 hours ago
Nepotism at its finest
+1791 -45

Is 'nepotism' really the word cherryberryboo should be using? I don't think it means what she/he thinks it means? Unless it's me that's mistaken.
By Andy McDandy
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In a bout of boredom in Waterstones this afternoon I found myself flicking through Quentin Letts latest book. He devotes a chapter to the Clooneys, giving George the nickname "Clunker", and referring to Amal as "his woman".

Whatever point he was trying to make about celebrity philanthropy, he undermined it all in just those 2 things. Reduced his entire argument to "look at them, they're a bit weird".
By Big Arnold
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Please, Cheryl, let 2019 be the year you give us ALL a break! JAN MOIR reveals the New Year's resolutions she hopes the stars will make
rucky b, London, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago

Please, Jan Moir, let 2019 be the year you give us ALL A BREAK!
Hear hear!

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/arti ... break.html
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Classic Glenda:

("It's okay because it's a woman saying it")

JAN MOIR: My heart sinks just a little at this BBC Girl Power as bosses unveil an all-female Newsnight line-up

For the first time, a flagship BBC politics programme will be fronted by three women. Emily Maitlis, Kirsty Wark and Emma Barnett are the all-female presenting team on BBC2's Newsnight.

'Boom. Let's do this,' Emma said when the news was announced.

This gave the impression the plucky threesome were girding their loinettes for some kind of battle, when the truth is the war has already been won.

In Beeb Central, the Time of Men — the old order of broadcasting patriarchy — is going, going, gone; replaced with furious alacrity by an illustrious regiment of women.

Leading men across all spheres, from showbiz to politics, are falling like kneecapped dominoes.

There is a female Doctor Who and a toothsome female duo presenting Strictly Come Dancing, the Beeb's most popular light entertainment show. Female DJs have replaced Chris Evans and Simon Mayo on Radio 2, while the golden but entitled Age of the Dimblebys is crumbling into dust.

BBC1's Question Time David has been replaced by Fiona Bruce, while the successor to Radio 4's Any Questions Jonathan has yet to be announced, but the smart money is on A (for Any) Woman — quite possibly Woman's Hour's Jane Garvey, or Fi Glover of the station's The Listening Project.

From now until for ever, it seems every high-profile onscreen appointment will be given to a her, not a him, in this brave new broadcasting She-domain.

My heart should sing at this display of raw female power yet, instead, it sinks. Just a little — a dip, not a plunge. But the trajectory is definitely downwards.

It's not that I object to the promotion of this trio of talented Newsnight women, each at the top of her game in myriad brilliant ways.

No, it's more that the BBC's response to accusations of gender imbalance and its protracted gender pay-gap dispute has been so clumsy, so silly and, ironically, so devoid of fairness and equality.

For there is nothing positive about positive discrimination. All these well-meaning attempts to end discrimination simply end up with more discrimination.

At the BBC, a sometimes flawed meritocracy has been replaced by something far, far worse; blunderbuss gender politics in a workplace where white, middle-class males are treated like lepers.

Take Andrew Neil, by far the best political interviewer across the BBC network, who will step down from his BBC1 This Week programme in July — probably in exasperation at being continually shuffled off into a late-night 'graveyard slot'.

BBC Director of News Fran Unsworth then cheerily said she would axe the show because 'we couldn't imagine it' without Neil.

If she's such a fan, why has the old bloodsucker been kept in his late-night coffin all these years?

Neil is still appearing in his lunchtime Politics Live show. Yesterday, he ticked off the voluble Remainer MP for Broxtowe, saying: 'This is not the Anna Soubry Hour. I think you have had more than a fair say.' Authoritative yet still polite, a first-class act in a second-class slot.

Elsewhere, a traineeship scheme for Radio 1's Newsbeat is only to take black, Asian, mixed ethnicity or lower socio-economic applicants.

This means applications from ambitious middle-class white girls — and particularly boys — would go in the bin. Fair enough, you might think.

Perhaps it's time for men to suffer and understand what it feels like to be marginalised, sidelined and overlooked just because of their sex.

Imagine how Emily Maitlis must have felt on discovering that fellow Newsnight presenter Evan Davis, a broadcaster not fit to clean her over-the-knee boots, was paid a third more for doing the same job.

Clearly there has been a gender pay imbalance at the BBC, just like the one in society. Maybe it is true that, for too long, power and equality were denied to women at the BBC. Yet certain kinds of privilege and bias still have their place.

For Emily, Kirsty and Emma are a certain kind of BBC woman. Shiny of hair and blue of stocking, they are all good middle-class gels who went to posh schools (two of them fee-paying), then good universities.

Most importantly, I'll wager they are all Left-leaning liberals with Guardianista sensibilities running through them. And if any of the trio isn't a dyed-in-the-cashmere-wool Remainer, I'll join the Brexit Betrayal March myself.

Which suggests BBC bosses are keen on diversification in all its forms, but only in areas where it suits them.

It would be impossible to imagine a Right-leaning, Brexit-supporting female broadcaster — Julia Hartley-Brewer, for example — even being considered for a Newsnight job.

And when I interviewed Sky TV's Kay Burley recently, she said that as a working-class girl from Wigan who left school after her O-levels, she 'didn't have the right accent or education to work at the BBC'.

Have things changed? In every way, but also in no way whatsoever.

The broadcasting regulator Ofcom is reviewing the BBC's news and current affairs output to ensure it remains relevant and trusted in the capricious, polarised and challenging world of multi-sourced news.

The new Newsnight team will give them much to ponder over. But in the meantime, let me stop you right there, as Emily would say, and ask: is one woman's equality another man's injustice?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Bloody hell, I thought. Moir is defending Greta Thunberg...!

But no. A couple of patronising 'bless her' paragraphs at the beginning but really it's just an excuse to attack Meghan, Harry and Charles.

JAN MOIR: Greta Thunberg could teach our royal eco-hypocrites a thing or two

Many scorn teenage environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg, but she has won me over completely. This week, the 16-year-old set off from the UK on a 3,000-mile voyage to New York, where she will address the United Nations at a Climate Action Summit.

In some respects, it is gesture activism of the worst sort, making a go-slow journey to prove some specious point or other.

And yet there is something undeniably noble about Greta’s voyage, aboard a no-frills yacht with a three-man crew, including her father.

The poor thing got seasick just sailing around Plymouth Harbour. How she will fare in the hurricane season in the Atlantic, on a racing yacht stripped of any comforts, is anyone’s guess.

So bloody good for her. And, if the very thought of this plucky girl, complete with salt-sprayed pigtail, sailing across an ocean in the hope of a better world doesn’t inspire you to become a more vigilant recycler and all-round greener person, then shame on you.

Greta could certainly teach a thing or two to royals such as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Prince of Wales.

Public patience is wearing thinner than the ozone layer with this bunch of greater-crested, energy-guzzling hypocrites, who preach one thing in public while doing the opposite in their private lives.

Prince Harry has said he and wife Meghan are having only two children to save the planet — how very gracious of them.

Yet he sees no irony in reportedly having taken a private jet to speak at a Google climate conference and staying on a 390 ft superyacht that, experts say, releases into the atmosphere 3.3 tons of carbon dioxide every hour it’s at sea.

All to produce some hot air of his own — during his speech, he lectured that taking fewer selfies would help save the planet.

Meanwhile, Meghan has shared online ludicrous arty pictures of her hands cradling the trunk of an endangered elephant (I hope it’s his trunk) to promote World Elephant Day, while thinking it is also perfectly fine to take a private jet to and from New York to attend her baby shower.

And, more recently, the couple apparently took another private jet for a holiday in Ibiza, which just makes a mockery of their claims to be concerned environmentalists.

If it really is a global crisis, then surely they should act like it’s a global crisis.

Instead of behaving as though it’s an issue for which others must make sacrifices while they carry on as five-star normal.

No wonder the Sussexes take such great pains to keep everything about their lifestyle a secret. Exposure of the full extent of their climate change imposture might provoke a revolution.

Staunch environmentalist Prince Charles has tried to reduce his own carbon footprint. Crikey yes, one does one’s bit, doesn’t one?

However, the Prince finds flying first class ‘incredibly uncomfortable’, according to one biographer. It must be hideous.

‘Camilla! Camilla! That lady in the uniform just gave me a plate of tiny gold bar thingies. What should I do?’

‘Calm down, Charles. It’s only butter.’

Perhaps that’s why the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall regularly use private jets on official tours, which, in recent years, have included the Caribbean and Europe.

Meanwhile, the Royal Family made 204 journeys by helicopter from April 2018 to April 2019.

In principle, I have no objection to any of this. Security concerns and packed schedules mean that private travel is often the only option for senior royals on official business.

But it becomes more problematic when royal eco-warriors insist on the same when going about their private business.

Then it becomes painfully clear that their comfort, their privacy and their ease of passage are not going to be compromised for any green cause, no matter what they might self-righteously proclaim in their speeches or on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Greta Thunberg is on board a zero-carbon yacht to America on a journey that will take two weeks — and, with no kitchen or toilet, this is no pleasure cruise.

Today, she is heading towards the Azores, where the forecast is for three-metre waves and winds of up to 30 knots.

Yet Greta has vowed never to fly again because of the damage it causes to the planet — and she is sticking to her promise.

How very different this stance is from the lives of our dear royals, whose idea of hardship is a glass of non-vintage champagne in a first-class cabin and the dreaded prospect of some peasant (shudder) taking a photograph of them on a normal flight.

They all preach exactly the same message as Greta, but refuse to apply it to their own lives — and seem to have no perception of how badly this plays with the public.

Especially those who save up all year for their one special holiday abroad, only to find themselves being lectured by a bunch of selfish, pampered gas-guzzlers deluded about their own impact on the planet and on us.

If the royals are going to be green, they could do worse than follow the example of Greta, who inspires millions of schoolchildren and has the courage and fortitude to live out her convictions. Not just to strike a pose.

The Mailites are suitably angry. They didn't quite grasp the 'subtly' in praising Greta in order to attack Meghan and Harry and instead just launch into attacks on Greta, a 16 year old school girl who's only agenda is to try and save the planet.

"brainwashed child"
"Self righteous school girl"
"liberal elite"
"little girl"
"bog off home"

Again...a fucking 16 year old who cares about the damage to the planet...

Alan S, Northwich, 9 hours ago
Greta Thunberg is no more than a brainwashed child. It says so much about the ludicrous age we live in that she gets so much publicity and idiot politicians fawn over her.
+1015 -109
Eve, Surrey, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago
The media give this self righteous school girl far too much air-time.
+762 -74
martin, cheshire, 9 hours ago
She is an annoying, narcissistic self-appointed Saviour of the World and the whole yacht thing is a publicity stunt. Why did she have to go at all, never heard of tele-conferences?
+701 -44
Charlotte8, Surrey, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago
Ive had enough of this brainwashed child running the show. She looks about 12 and like a child who has done nothing but sit reading left wing propaganda. Do you know what I wish EVERYBODY kept their private views and their politics to themselves. I'm sick of being lectured by the liberal elite.
+595 -34
karlston, Nowhere, Åland Islands, 9 hours ago
I don't see a difference between Harry, Meghan and Greta. They're all unlikeable, arrogant, annoying liberals.
+437 -26
lady penelope2, St. Austell, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago
Shes a little girl for Gods sake who really cares what she thinks just the latest fad - look at me Im special - well dear bog off home
+340 -23
By Safe_Timber_Man
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An Extinction Rebellion protestor was pulled down off a train yesterday and was given a bit of a kicking while on the ground until staff stepped in and pulled him to safety. Jan Moir is...celebrating this?

I don't condone the violence and the ugly scenes, but I have to be honest. I wanted to cheer the pugnacious commuters to the rafters.

JAN MOIR: What joyful revenge on eco zealot Ruperts and the grungsters as Londoners fed up of Extinction Rebellion take matters into their own hands

Enough is enough. Following a long, hot summer of delays and travel frustrations caused by Extinction Rebellion and their preposterous protesters, fed-up Londoners yesterday took matters into their own hands.

After two protesters attempted to shut down the Jubilee Line by climbing on top of a train at Canning Town, they were dragged down by furious commuters. An uprising at last! Hurrah.

The well-dressed men — in nice jackets and shoes, one of them had a bouncy ponytail — had scrambled up to unfurl a banner that read: 'Business As Usual — Death.'

That was enraging enough in itself: it was in reference to the commerce carried out in the nearby City of London. While eco-warriors may turn their noses up at capitalism, this is what stops this country from turning into one giant mud field, with a few turnips rotting in the gutters where Kent once stood.

However, the only business going down at Canning Town was the bubbling frustration of the commuters. Who are as mad as hell and are not going to take this any more.

Look at them. They are the normals, the everyday civilians, the overlooked ordinary Joes just trying to get to work. Or desperate to get home after a draining night shift.

Hard-working people who never get a favour or a lucky break or the opportunity to smugly tell everyone about how they have just offset their carbon footprint and have solar panels on the swimming pool roof.

The only footprints they make are on the commuter trudge to and from work — only this time to find themselves thwarted by smug do-gooders protesting about the state of the planet. Somebody threw a cup of tea over them right at the beginning, so matters were clearly fraught.

One of the rabble was Mark Ovland, 36, who gave up his full-time Buddhist teacher training studies this year to join XR as a 'full-time protester'. Full-time waste of space, more like. I wonder who is funding his disputatious lifestyle? You don't need me to tell you. Probably all of us.

Ovland was booted off the train roof by a furious-looking bloke in a tracksuit top. Even Buddha himself couldn't save him from falling into the maw of the crowd.

He could have been beaten to a pulp by travellers driven mad by the fact they had missed their connection, had not other commuters formed a protective ring of padded jackets around him.

I mean, hang on chaps. We might be angry but we are still British.

I don't condone the violence and the ugly scenes, but I have to be honest. I wanted to cheer the pugnacious commuters to the rafters. For ordinary citizens were doing what the police have so dismally failed to do this year, which was to stop one of these XR events in its tracks. One has to wonder why this XR mob were always treated with such kid gloves, even as the city ground to a halt around them.

One thrilled-looking granny who had glued herself to the top of a train yesterday had a safety helmet popped on her head, a harness wrapped around her body and clearly a nice chat and a laugh with the police officers who unglued her.

These demonstrators put themselves in harm's way. They should not be treated by the police like naughty children while law-abiding citizens are expected to suck up the disturbance without complaint.

The right to protest ends when you violate the rights of others to go about their daily business. That is not protest, it is civil disobedience.

There is no way that holding up commuters is going to make them sympathetic to your cause — surely Extinction Rebellion and their pathetic celebrity eco-terrorist chums must see this is a warning of what is to come?

Certainly, my patience ran out long ago. There is a lot of good in their cause, but they preach an apocalyptic rhetoric of death, claiming billions of people are going to die soon because of climate change.

Billions? Come off it. Co-founder Roger Hallam even promises that 'your children are going to die of starvation' unless the economy is completely transformed in five years.

They talk of imminent catastrophe, mass suffering and deaths, but science doesn't back this up. (Hallam has said it is 'great fun taking down capitalists'. So at least he's honest about that.)

The alarmist language is bad enough, but a lot of goodwill is being washed away by their hardline stance and the utter ghastliness of many of their supporters.

The well-to-do grandparents, the trust fund kids, the anarchists, the Octavias, the Ruperts, the Buddhist students, the grungsters, the unemployed, the bored, the Benedict Cumberbatches and the rest.

The elites are on the wrong side on this one, supporting this mass, inchoate movement so fond of hysterics and superglue.

Once, XR fought against public indifference. Now, they must contend with public rage. Good.
By MisterMuncher
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Xr then, are young, old, monied, benefit scum, upper class and traveller hippy scum. Despite seemingly falling into every social and economic bracket imaginable in the space of those few barely coherent paragraphs, they're most certainly not people like us.

Away and shite, Jan. If you think those Londoners are your people, why don't you and hubby stand next to the XR folk, see who gets the better reaction. I'll wait.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Fortunately Trump isn't smug and infantile...

JAN MOIR: Tittering Trudeau shows just how low our smug and infantile leaders have sunk
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/arti ... -sunk.html

Joe Biden was quick off the mark with his political ad mocking President Trump.

Hours after the Prez returned to America following the Nato summit in London, the contemptuous footage was being rolled out across the globe in a damage maximisation bid.

‘Look, the world is laughing at him, world leaders cannot trust him,’ the Democrats’ presidential hopeful crowed, showing footage of Boris Johnson, President Macron of France, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Canada’s Justin Trudeau sniggering behind the Trump’s back at a Buckingham Palace reception.

Their remarks were caught on an open mic because they were all too thick to realise the presence of so many TV cameras tends to suggest that a number of microphones will be dotted around the room, too. Doh.

I watched it, then I watched again. Yes, the saga certainly said something about the kind of man Trump is, particularly his petulance over the whole incident later.

He cut his trip short and stormed off home in a tantrumpy huff, like some giant toddler who’d just had his lollipop nicked. However, don’t you think it said oh-so-much more about his smug tormentors?

Behold this sad sack quartet of losers and chancers, who found safety in numbers and warm fellowship in jeering at a confrere who wasn’t there to defend himself.

Princess Anne didn’t do herself any favours either, hovering around at the edges of this group, snickering away with the best of them.

Perhaps she had forgotten that her calamity-prone younger brother Andrew was banned from the event because he is up to his sweat-free neck in a rolling boil of sleaze and scandal.

Boris was in the thick of it, of course. Chortle, chortle. Mr Johnson, with his priapic hinterland and chaotic private life has little call to laugh at anyone.

Even so, many of us live in hope that a solid majority and a good wind behind him will be the making of Boris — as a human being and a politician. I say hope. What I mean is fervently, desperately pray. But don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile Emmanuel Macron’s two-year presidency has been disastrous, with a strike that will bring the country to its knees.

Worst of all is Trudeau, the idiotic superwoke Canadian PM who does yoga, had sympathy pains when his wife was in labour, wants to ban the word mankind because it is sexist and seemed to spend most of his youth wearing blackface for psychological reasons too awful to contemplate.

Instead of laughing at Trump, Justin should be studying his economic record. For while America’s economy is booming, Trudeau has driven Canada’s into prairie dust.

Look at them, tittering like fools. If women MPs or leaders behaved in such a manner they would be castigated for being unprofessional. They would never, ever be taken seriously in political circles again.

Angela Merkel and Theresa May perhaps have their faults but it is inconceivable either would behave in such an infantile way at such an important event, with so much at stake. And if they had, they could expect to receive ten times the condemnation and censure that these overgrown schoolboys received.

Indeed, many professional Trump haters admired their pathetic display of playground nastiness, as further proof of Trump being unfit for office. Well perhaps he is. The impeachment hearings will decide his future one way of the other.

In the meantime, whatever happened to statesmanship, to cometh the hour, cometh the man, to strength of character, rising to the occasion and doing one’s country proud? All that seems to have disappeared from public life a long time ago.

Instead, we are left with this shower of half-baked goons. The political class of today are just an endless, endless disappointment.
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