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By Winston O'Hoodie
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Millions of us are now eager to believe that the world is controlled by conspiracies of covert forces, for which there is not one shred of evidence because such theories are simply bonkers.
This from the woman who brought you this

http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/ ... onspiracy/

Melanie's full article below (beware: tinfoil helmets may be required when reading this!)

By Beats
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Melanie Phillips:
Whether or not they are right (and I don't know),

Wasn't really expecting you to know, Melanie. Not judging from this:
their scientific argument about the absence of evidence to support the claim that life spontaneously created itself is being stifled - on the totally perverse grounds that this argument does not conform to the rules of science which require evidence to support a theory.
Melanie, what do you mean "on the totally perverse grounds that the argument does not conform to the rules of science which require evidence to support a theory"?!?!?!? How do you think our judicial system works? How do you think any argument works? What is totally perverse about having to provide evidence to back up a claim? Oh, of course, you're writing for an institution that doesn't do that, silly me. If I say you broke into my home and killed my family, but had no evidence, do you think the judge and jury would be satisfied with my statement and demand no evidence?

The worst writing. Ever.

This is such tripe, I can't believe she gets paid to write this nonsense. I wonder how Melanie wins arguments at home, with her husband, in the pub, etc. Maybe she just shouts louder than everyone else until everyone stops talking to her because she's an idiot. She then thinks that she won because everyone else stopped talking.
By Mr Mordon
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Having done Bible study in my youth, I have to say that it is really two books, the Old & New testaments. Much of what is in the old you really do have to take with a pinch of salt (literally!) The New testament is far more relevent.

Personally I think old JC did exist (though, like Muslims, I don't believe he was the Son of God) and was just trying to promote tolorence, understanding and the art of being a good neighbour to one another. People didn't like it then so they killed him, sadly a lot of people still don't like it. :(
By bairy
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Miss happy has written a piece on the mohammed teddy incident.

It's all Labour's fault you know.

The teddy-bear teacher and Labour's spineless response to a rogue state
Mr Miliband should have thrown the ambassador and every Sudanese diplomat out of the country, cancelled all visas and stopped British aid to Sudan.

And he should also have denounced the religious precepts which produced such a barbaric response to a preposterously imagined slight.
Isn't that just a tad extreme.
I mean yes most people consider the punishment barbaric and completely out of proportion. But in the end these are religious-based beliefs and though giving such a sudden huge reaction would send a message, I'm not sure it would send the message we want. "We disagree with what you think so go f*ck yourselves." Isn't it that kind of reaction that starts wars?
I don't really see how that would help Ms Gibbons either.

That's just my simplified view on her simplified view.
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