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By Abernathy
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Vancouver is a fantastic city and Vancouver Island is heart-stoppingly, gloriously beautiful. And Victoria, oddly enough, happens to be the place where I ate the finest fried fish and chips I've ever tasted anywhere in the world.

Street-Porter is full of shite. And bile. But your Mail readers will lap the shite up like dogs .

Fucking madness.
By Boiler
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Following on from Abers's observations, I'd also like to add this: https://wpyr.com/

I wouldn't mind doing that before I'm too old; my brother brought me a video of this when he went on holiday to Canada a year or two ago.
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By The Red Arrow
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My brother has thing for Canada. Absolutely loves it. There was serious talk a while ago of us working in a lakeside log cabin resort and being ushered into our twilight years by every sort of Canadian woman available, charmed by our sophisticated ways and Pirates of the Caribbean accents. Quebec Frenchies to First Nation and everything in between. During much-needed breaks (c'mon, groovers - with the best will in the world, we're both knocking on a bit) we'd take in all that incredible scenery and wildlife from Atlantic to Pacific. A far better way to see out one's days than listening to Street-Porter mangle the English language on a daytime telly show that has set feminism back decades.
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