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By youngian
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We are in the middle of A Very British Coup, but not as Mullin predicted. What we’re seeing is an elaborate, well-financed and co-ordinated plot to overturn not an extreme Left-wing Prime Minister, but the democratically expressed will of the British people.
If only May had called an election so the will of the people could be confirmed by giving her a thumping majority. Hang she did so how about asking the people directly to stop these coup plotters in their tracks?
And if I hear anyone else demanding a second ‘People’s Vote’, I’ll scream.
By mr angry manchester
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Littledick is a Minder fan isn’t he? Earlier this morning I ended up watching a bit of one of the late episodes, where Gary Webster had taken over from Dennis Waterman. The point is that Arthur had a map of the EU on his wall and was enthusing about the, no doubt, dodgy business opportunities the EU presented.

When did it go from being a business opportunity to something which we need to get out of and”take back control”?
By mr angry manchester
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What an absolute, total, complete and utter bag of shit that was, even by Littledick’s standards.

BTW, Boils, in my world Dr Who = things you just don’t get :D
By Big Arnold
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I think Dickie's days may be numbered.
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Dunno mate, Sussex, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

"Coming to terms with the enormity of Mother Theresa¿s shameful surrender to the EU is difficult enough, even if you live here.".. But you don't.
By Andy McDandy
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Limited as my knowledge of Americans is, I don't think I've ever met one who talks in that "dang-nabbit, just-a whit in tarnation cockamamie horse sheet" accent only encountered in cartoons, bad 70s sitcoms and Littlejohn columns.

Ah. Think I answered my own question there.
By Kreuzberger
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I do know a fair few of our brethren from the former colonies and need to go over every now and then, and no, none that I have ever come across speak like that.

Could it be that it is a stylised (and perhaps turbo-boosted) accent that is now dying out? Much like Arthur Mullard and co. with their mid-20th century Cockney?

(Dunno, just enjoying thinking about it, tbh.)
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