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By Kreuzberger
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The West Coast, I don't really know but I once spent a month in Florida with my then wife, her ex-husband, his new wife and her new breasts. Plenty of North-Easteners and a right few African Americans who did a passable impersonation of the maid in Tom & Jerry.
By Big Arnold
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He still hasn't got the memo about the change in policy since Dacre went.
gordonrm, Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom, 16 minutes ago

The most stupid of the Bank of England's figures is the one claiming that GDP will drop by more than the total of our current annual exports to the EU!!! How is that possible?

Because we're a net importer. And when the pound goes down the toilet, imports will cost more. As well as rotting on lorries held up at the border.
By Andy McDandy
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https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... abuse.html

War crimes (And why they're not and why do we have to call it Malaysia these days) and a bit of light hearted fun about animal abuse.

In both cases, "Look, I'm not [thing] but [launches passionate defence of thing]" makes an appearance.
By youngian
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I was in my early 20s when I first saw this episode and, frankly, the military adventure in Malaya, before I was born, seemed as remote as the relief of Mafeking.
Funny that as Littlejohn talks about his non-existent memories of Spitfires and Blighty single handily beating the Bosch as if it was yesterday.
By Boiler
mr angry manchester wrote:
Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:04 am
The Harder They Fall was the episode from series 4. It didn’t portray “our boys” in a particularly flattering light either.
Series 4: the series too far.

Do all Mail readers frame their experiences in terms of 1970s TV programmes? Or is it just that now they have the ultimate whine of seeing the 1970s as;
  • Traitor Heath taking us into the Common Market
  • Labour going 'cap-in-hand' to the IMF
  • There were bodies and rubbish piling up in the street
  • Saint Maggie saved us all
Or summat like that?

Funny how no-one ever remembers both Reggie Perrin and The Professionals hinting at the growth of the pseudo-militia at the time, isn't it?
By Watchman
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Talks about the Arsenal-Tottenham match and tries to make a joke about badgers being abused...yet fails to mention the following.......

https://www.theguardian.com/football/20 ... aubameyang

....I'm not a racist...but..........
By The Red Arrow
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Wasn't there an episode of the Sweeney where Regan and Carter are seconded to Southend CID and go undercover in a knotted hankie and a kiss me quick hat respectively, investigaing a donkey derby knobbling ring that ends up with the pair of them uncovering an international donkey smuggling racket and jetting off to Florida to nick the grubby, expatriate social misfit running the outfit from his swimming pool maintainance business and masquerading as a journalist, played with some relish by Arthur Mullard, ably assisted by Maureen Lipman as his bossy, ever-so-Jewish grandmother? If I remember correctly it all ended up with a custard pie fight in a Vero Beach gay bar (yes, it was the not so serious second series with the naff triangle prism opening credits). In fact, the episode-"Dickie The Donkey Knobbler" - proved so popular that the cast were brought back together for a Christmas special "The Return of Donkey Dickie", in which Regan and Carter realise that the unlikeable rogue running a rip-off 'winter wonderland' in Epping Forest looks familiar...I think they get him to move on by threatening to report his days spent in the U.K to the taxman. Due to contractual obligations (Mullard was in panto at the time of filming), the villain was played by David Jason who used the opportunity to hone his repellent, constant failure spiv character that would so epitomise the eighties. The show was a ratings flop as it went up against 'Dad's Army' and proved to be the final nail in the Sweeny's coffin. All spookilly relevant to Brexit, eh? Mind how you go.

Thank you Mr Greig, that'll be three grand, please.
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