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By Andy McDandy
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Deciding not to give a shit makes life easier on many levels. Not more rewarding, just easier.

Bit like Piers Morgan, who's never had an original idea in his life, he just looks for bandwagons to jump on. All Littlejohn does is articulate the incoherent bile and whinging of his readership. Sadly, it seems like it's a good gig.

But yeah, he will die unmourned.
By youngian
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Talk to most Americans and they can't understand why so many people in Britain want to be ruled by Europe.

By ‘Most Americans’ he means cranky neoliberal think tanks. Most Americans have zero opinion on Brexit.

On the BBC top salary list is LJ’s great mate Steve Wright. Like Littlejohn he’s on £4-500k for producing the same piss-poor product for 35 years and probably the same audience for this drivel.
By The Red Arrow
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Dickie's Column - I see what you did there :wink:

Yes, Dickie - there were homo's in WWII. They were imprisoned if caught. Why not do some of that old-time journalism you're so fond of and research Jimmy Edwards and Alan Turing? Or are they alright because they kept it to themselves* and didn't ram it down your throat?

Just in case you're looking in.

*Hardly surprising when you consider the alternative.
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By Andy McDandy
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https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... st-UK.html

Arrogant civil servants, yay for fucking idiocy, delusions that Trump gives a shit about us, sneering about historic sex cases, and another fucking parade. This time he updates his cultural references to 1991 and Baywatch.
By Kreuzberger
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Has it occurred to anyone that the real Littlejohn died years ago and that these columns are an algorithm-generated cut and paste job from his previous musings? A kind of Artificial Intolerance.
By youngian
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I'm imagining what the U.S. ambassador in London could write accurately about Theresa May's miserable, incompetent three years in office. And what he could also speculate about the fate awaiting Boris Johnson when he, as expected, becomes our next Prime Minister.

No need to imagine what he thinks of you Richard. A fucking idiot.
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