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By Snowflake
Not for the first time, I find myself agreeing with Ken Livingstone
https://bigwnews.com/lifestyle/richard- ... ooks-like/

Technically correct, that's twice, then.
As I’ve said often enough, just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. About the only thing upon which I’ve ever agreed with Ken Livingstone — apart from cheap Tube fares — was when he wrote a book called If Voting Changed Anything They’d Abolish It
By MisterMuncher
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Dear Rich,

If you're paranoid, it does in fact mean they aren't out to get you. Paranoia is an irrational fear of persecution. So if they are out for you, it's not irrational, therefore not paranoia.

Similarly, there's nothing irrational in you thinking that in every room you enter, there's someone who thinks you're a mendacious cunt with all the charm of a burnt off verucca, as it's almost certainly true.

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By Andy McDandy
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https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... eland.html

Dickie gets his excuses in early, nobody knows anything, too close to call, remember Kinnock etc.
By The Red Arrow
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Hate to use the Bard of Vero Beach as a weather vane (or should that be 'cock' in his case?), but there seems to be a distinct whiff of soiled trouser in the air.
By youngian
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None of the comparisons tell us much about the present elections as its anecdotes and descriptions of previous elections in an article entitled 'You never can tell.' It was quite a gentle read by LJ's standards. Like a retired lobby correspondent's recollections in a local.
By Andy McDandy
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https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... trike.html

"Driver, can you get me from Postal Strike to Send 'Em All Back via Bloody Kids, Those Kerraaaazy Yanks and Bloke in a Dress?"

"Sure thing, guv!"
By youngian
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Tom has an unbeatable strapline for his poster if he fancies going on tour
“the most malevolent, malignant individuals ever to soil British politics,” Richard Littlejohn
RL’s long running obsession with Watson’s paedophile investigations borders on the pathological.
By The Red Arrow
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Vero Beach yesterday.
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