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By Kreuzberger
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Have you ever met anyone called Atiyah? Me, neither.
Erm, yes. One of my oldest mates from Glasgow. He spells it slightly differently but that is just an Anglicisation from the original Urdu.
By Andy McDandy
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His column today is pretty neutral (for him). Sneering at clever people, bit of Minder and Sopranos nostalgia.

Apparently he's 'doing' the election tomorrow.
By Andy McDandy
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https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... Lords.html

Magnanimous in victory as ever. But cut away the Littlejohnisms and he's got a point about failed politicians being booted upstairs.
By Andy McDandy
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https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailym ... ution.html

Looks like we missed this one. It's not pretty.

Honestly, I'm taking a break for a bit. The fuckers have won, and I need a bit of space to process it all. Small acts of kindness, I guess.
By Boiler
I know how you feel, Andy - there's no magnanimity in victory any more. As I've posted elsewhere I don't expect there to be another Labour government in my lifetime. And at the risk of offending many members on here, now the "stop Brexit" voices are falling silent, there is a new cacophony - that of the Scottish Nationalists.

The bit about ear defenders angered me, btw: considering the most danger the fat fuck has ever been in is either from a paper cut or dying on the shitter like Elvis, I am reminded of the incident with two railway workers who were unable to hear an approaching train because they were wearing ear defenders to protect their hearing from the machinery they were using. Surely that's a good case for not wearing them though, I hear the twats say?

Well... have you ever tried holding a conversation with someone who's been deafened from their time in industry and bitterly complains that the medical profession are all charlatans because they can't fix his hearing, so has ineffective hearing aids?
By mr angry manchester
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We will, at some point, have another labour government, probably not for another 10 years though, I can't see any change at the next election in 4/5 years time though.

Johnson will balls up big time and Brexit will be an utter shit storm, to rival the one when Blaster Bates blew up a septic tank.

Corbyn will get booted and, hopefully, labour becomes sensible again.

We can but hope.
By Bones McCoy
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Not relevant to Littlejohn, but let me tell you about my nightmare.

Johnson does indeed fuck up causing a shit-tsunami.
However its effects are restricted to the lower orders and certain geographies.
His pals in the media pay it no heed (like his other misdemeanours).
Cummings writes him a sketch that blames the council.

"Another triumph for Boris" parrot the headlines and the next election's in the bag.
By slilley
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He is such an expert he got crucial details about the Iranian embassy siege wrong. The terrorists were not pro Khomeni types, quite the opposite. The Arab gunmen were members of the KSA group campaigning for Arab national sovereignty in the southern Iranian region of Khuzestan Province. But hey ho, who needs facts?
By Andy McDandy
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https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... -this.html

It might be an emotional response rather than a logical one, but the more cunts crawl out of the woodwork to complain about this, the more my admiration for Harry and Meghan grows.
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By mr angry manchester
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The Heil isn't taking this news well is it? Some of the comments, Jesus..

The media is obsessing over this like its some kind of major event when, in the overall scheme of things, it's the square root of fuck all
By The Red Arrow
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All smacks a bit of - and I quote - 'manufactured hysteria', doesn't it?

Gammonista M*il readers: "If they've had enough why don't they just bugger off?"
Royal couple: "We've had enough, we''re buggering off."
Gammonista M*il readers:"How dare they bugger off?"
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