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By Andy McDandy
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Snowflake wrote:
Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:23 am
From Dickie's perspective, the problem with street celebrations today is you can still mingle with the crowd, but the chances of getting an impromptu snog and a sly grope have diminished considerably.
He says that loved ones who have been separated won't be allowed to kiss (in other words he - or some clean limbed young properly English sort - won't be able to replicate the VJ day kiss with some leggy lovely), and that gatherings will be broken up - except those of You Know Who, who will be allowed to caper about like nobody's business and probably smoke a bit of the old jungle weed as well, I mean say what you like about EDL marches but nobody's getting stoned at them.

For someone who hates the EDL, BNP and other far right knuckle draggers and random saddoes in bedsits (because he couldn't possibly regard them as an actual serious threat), he sure knows how to write the things they love.
By Andy McDandy
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Snowflake wrote:
Tue Apr 28, 2020 10:06 am
Snowflake imagines: An ageing, past his sell by date relic from a previous generation, appearing on stage at some seedy backstreet club with peeling paint and wallpaper he bought a few years back, churning out the same repetitive humour every night to an appreciative and loyal half empty audience.
Yeah, there's quite a bit of Archie Rice* in him, isn't there?

*The Entertainer, a play, m'lud. By that John Osborne. He was in Flash Gordon.
By Snowflake
Dame Vera Lynn calls for VE Day style celebrations when Britain finally conquers coronavirus pandemic as she compares battle against killer infection to World War II.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... demic.html

You thought he was joking? I must admit I couldn't see the "Littlejohn imagines" disclaimer either.
By Andy McDandy
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https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... risis.html

Nasty journalists asking annoying questions of nice ministers, let's all rally round the flag, how dare anyone take the government to task over this?

Fine, but you're missing the C word - Conservative. Don't pretend for a moment that this is done out of some sense of national unity. If this had happened under a Labour government's watch, you'd be howling for blood.

This edition's pop cultural references: The Sopranos and The Ladykillers.
By Oblomov
But bring up a second Leveson Inquiry to him and he'd be frothing about how we're becoming a North Korean nanny state :roll:
By youngian
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Nick Ferrari was also clucking like a neurotic hen this morning about the Labour Party Panorama conspiracy. He couldn’t produce a single specialist to dispute the facts or even challenge them himself. So desperate his expert witness was great mate Kelvin McKenzie who reminded us they’re all reds at the BBC. These twats love to think they’re soldiers stepping up to justify their Tory brown nosing.
If modern TV news had been around in 1940, we'd have been treated to hourly updates on the number of soldiers, sailors and airmen killed in action. Talking heads would be wheeled on to accuse the Government of deliberately deflating the true figures by not including civilian deaths on the Home Front.

‘Hurrah for Mr Chamberlain, Norway saved.’ Didn’t happen. Most people serious about the craft of journalism will know who William Howard Russell was. He pioneered this unpatriotic stuff in the 1850s exposing government logistical failure during the Crimean War.
By Andy McDandy
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https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... sites.html

Dickie's no fan of HS2, but he hates hippies more. Chiming in with a few other columnists, he sees the current situation as a good reason to get the police back to their intended purpose - knocking wogs, poofs and hairies about.

Then after saying
Enough, already. Stuff ‘peaceful protest’. It’s time to send in the heavy mob.
Dickie has a funny bit about police over-reacting to things.

In among topical references to Swampy, Scargill, and Bill Tidy, he lets this one drop:
Here we go. Invoking ‘our’ NHS is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
By Oblomov
I've not clicked the link but presumably he says nothing about applying heavy handed police tactics to the anti-lockdown protestors?
By Andy McDandy
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Of course not. That's exercising one's legal right to assembly and protest, after all.

It comes after an article by (I think) Doug Murray or Douglas Carswell arguing that once this passes, the police should (here we go...) dump the diversity officers* and hate crimes, and get back to "robust community policing unencumbered by political correctness", i.e. giving the undesirables a good shoeing and reminding the blacks of their place. There seems to be a trend of this developing.

Whatever valid points he has about XR are undermined by his refusal to criticise (or his implicit approval of) other groups breaking the lockdown. As said, he even hates the idea of HS2 (albeit from a "plough up nice countryside, tank home counties property prices, and benefit thick Brummies" angle). He's just looking for someone to rant about.

*In the best part of 20 years working in local government and the HE sector, I've never once met a diversity officer. I've met a few HR people who were subject matter experts on equalities legislation and accessibility, but never anyone 100% assigned to the matter.
By Oblomov
They're probably casting a wistful eye over the pond at that other neoliberal fundamentalist state of America. Because we've obviously never had any push back against police brutality here and those London riots in 2011 were about feckless young hoods looting free trainers :roll:

As with most (if not all) nostalgia, it's a very superficial return they're after. Feeling safer because police had carte blanche to crack the heads of perceived reprobates, but if their home were to be burgled Detective Inspectors Gene Hunt & Jack Frost wouldn't give two shits unless it was a slow day and top brass was breathing down their necks. I'm no expert but I'm sure there's several nuances to modern policing that Littlejohn & co. can't be bothered to understand, and it's remarkably easy to have a pop at it's failing because it's not working as obviously as the bin men taking the rubbish away every week. To quote Irvin Burrell, "They think they know police work".

EDIT: I feel I should add that my current company also has diversity & inclusivity officers but the role is entirely voluntary and the extent of it is contributing bits to the corporate newsletter. Certainly not screening prospective employment candidates for having not enough melanin in their skin like the white genocide crowd probably think they do.
By Andy McDandy
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About 18 months ago I was talking with a reasonably senior member of greater Manchester constabulary, who said that one reason the police put such stress on hate crimes is because someone who will randomly attack another over the colour of their skin or some other perceived characteristic will probably not take much to commit other offences. Bit like how drug couriers rarely worry about insurance or working brake lights.

They also added that while you can teach anyone the skills required to keep public order or detect crimes, it's harder to change someone's attitude. You can be the best thief taker in the world, but if you need to be sent on a diversity awareness course, all that will happen is that you'll resent it.

And of course, a police officer's job is to keep their community safe - all of it, not just the bit in nice houses.
By Oblomov
One of my brother's mates decided surveying was too boring for him and signed up to be a Met Police officer, within a year he'd sacked it off because the training included too much theory and he thought the job would just be to go roust up gobby Asian lads smoking weed in Tower Hamlets.

Last I spoke to him was a few years ago, he was back to surveying and its handsome wages had paid for his quaint detached house on the Essex coast but he still had a chip on his shoulder about the liberals ruining society. So probably best he never much got to exercise the powers of detainment and arrest.
By Watchman
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Re Dickie's obsession with police over reaction; has he ever thought that the police response will be based on the information given, so if a Daily Mail curtain twitcher, out in the suburbs sees someone who just happens to be a different shade to the chaps at the golf club, they will instantly decide they are upto no good, and with a bit of embellishment, the end result is the police think there's a suicide bomber in Accia Avenue
By Andy McDandy
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No, he probably would say that they should send a man round, because that's how everything's sorted in Dickieworld. Don't worry, we'll have a man check it out. Stuck in a queue, or tied up in bureaucracy, or just in a hurry to get something sorted? Lemme speak to the man, luv. There's a darlin'.

Everything sorted on a nod and a wink between bloody British blokes. None of that fancy nonsense from those excitable types.
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