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By Boiler
KevS wrote:
Fri Aug 28, 2020 8:11 am
Not only that, majority of those WFH don't have the choice anyway. It's up to the employer.

Funnily enough, as I've been doing this since March 19, I realised I was starting to go a bit strange in the head, and so formally requested to return to the office on a split week basis.

This was turned down as the office is currently at the capacity they're safe with at the moment. However, the next review is in October and they'll look at it then. This is an entirely sensible point to do it, as by then it will be clearer if the change of weather or thd return to schools has had any effect on things.

See, sensible thinking to keep the business moving whilst having the well being of the employee foremost in the mind. It is possible, Littlejohn.
In that post is the overlooked part: the mental health issues. For some, WFH has been a Godsend: for others, it has become a nightmare.

Unless I change my business radically and actually turn over part of my domestic setting into a full-blown workshop - with all the HSE and insurance implications plus change of use for the council that would naturally follow - I can't realistically work from home. And I do know that the last five months have had a dramatic impact on my mental health; it has deteriorated, and badly. My mood swings are much more violent than they once were and my anxiety issues have multiplied: when I'm not panicking about the latest ache or pain I have, I'm on the edge of being in tears.

All. The. Time.

Littlejohn, the CBI and so many others can FRO.
By Kreuzberger
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Fancy that? Florida-based Littlejohn being given star billing on the same day as Grant Shapps skypes in to every major broadcast outlet to get everyone back to the office for the sake of poor wee Magda and Pawel in Prêt.

You don't need to make it up.
By Kreuzberger
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Ah, sorry. A bit slow on the uptake this morning.

We are exactly a month away from Michaelmas, 29 September, when the next slew of Quarter Day rent payments becomes due and, depending upon the lease, notice can be given.
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By Boiler
All this crying about towns and cities becoming "ghost towns" - isn't it Detroit that has been actually been shrinking, demolishing empty factories and buildings and returning the land to green space?
By KevS
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Cities adapt to changing circumstances. That's why many of our larger towns and cities probably have a dual carriageway in the middle. It was needed to deal with increased traffic.

Sometimes a major event acts as a catalyst. Look at some places that were in near ruins in 1945 - Plymouth ended up with wide boulevards and green spaces. Coventry ended up with the, er, challenging ring road.

And the changes planned for London of course were huge...

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By Boiler
The Red Arrow wrote:
Fri Aug 28, 2020 1:33 pm
Contains copy of entire article with 'hilarious' Gary cartoon.
Taking a high-powered brush cutter to your own genitals would be funnier than a 'Gary' cartoon.

There's a BBC SYB on this subject too - the twat comments are all the lowest rated in line with Littlejohn.
By Bones McCoy
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It's all very odd, a "classic" tory would insist (as several captains of industry have today) that work location is a private matter between employee and employer.
Do no casual observers detect any dissonance in all 420 off MPs suddenly embracing this extremely statist policy?

In a similar vein, if the cities cannot maintain their overheated economies, surely that's a matter for the invisible hand.
Classical liberal economics would insist this is an opportunity.
Re-purpose city centre buildings for accommodation.
Relocate those services like coffee, sandwiches and hairdressers back to the soulless dormitory towns where they might ignite a feeling of community.

We could eliminate the abomination of service workers commuting 90 minutes into cities to work minimum wage jobs.

Where the fuck is Brendan O'Neill, or Toby Young advocating a bit of creative destruction.
Could it be that they don't have the balls for it when it all gets a bit real?

It's almost as though all that theory is pure bullshit and they're making it up as they go along.
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By satnav
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There seems to be a common thread amongst all those demanding that people should return to work. The Pimlico Plumber urged people to return to work from his villa in Marbella, Andrew Neil sent a similar message from the South of France, Boris Johnson echoed the message while on holiday in Scotland and Grant Shapps repeat the message directly from his home office.
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By Kreuzberger
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Tin-Foil-Hat-Time. I quite like Gary. He takes the edge off the nastiness with that 60s, Parisian simplicity.

See also Matt in the Telegraph for a home Counties variant.
By MisterMuncher
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I don't know if it's even WFH per se they have issues with so much as the idea of other people having choices. The old " I* have suffered**, and so must you" mindset

* Not I, personally, no, but people i have known and spoken to, once, when I had to.
** Been inconvenienced.
By Andy McDandy
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https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... happs.html

Boo! Greens! How dare anyone not use a car!

BTW get back to the office, scum.
By Boiler
Meself, I'm overjoyed to only be driving 250 miles a month, not 2,500. Better for the car, better for the planet, better for me, better for my pocket. Last night I read of someone finally putting petrol in his car for the first time since February.
By satnav
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I spent last week in Cambridge where lots of measures have been introduced to encourage cycling and reduce car use. It was a joy to walk around the city, all the shops, cafes and bars were extremely busy, there were no empty shops and businesses seemed to be doing fine.
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