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By Waterstones
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I live in Tetbury just down the road from Stroud,I went to school/collage there and yes it is a shithole,according to my granmother in her day late 40's/eary 50's Stroud was the place to go by the 70's when my mum and dad where teenagers it was a shithole,my dad said the place was never the same after the factorys packed up. :cry:
By Andy McDandy
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I used to work in Stroud (more precisely, based in Stroud, worked in Dursley, Berekeley and Wotton Under Edge).

Very picturesque for sure, but struck me as places where the locals were either extremely rich, or if not, stuck there.

I found myself whistling the Twin Peaks theme quite a lot.
By Abernathy
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Waterstones wrote:I will say that in the last 5 years Stroud has got a bit better as they built a new cinema where the bus depot used to be if you know where it was! :D

Tell me - is it pronounced "Strowd" (rhymes with "loud"), or "Strewed" (rhymes with "rude")? I've heard both.
By Mr Mordon
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Bit of trivia regarding that; they made an episode in season 6 of the Simpsons called 'A Star is Burns' which was a quite blatent advert for Brooks 'the Critic'. So much so that Groening openly critised it and doesn't appear on the DVD commentry for that episode
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