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By Waterstones
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I know he is a good writer and all,but he comes across to me as a Armchair General who thinks he knows better then the people in charge of the Army,just before the 'surge' in Iraq started Hastings wrote that it wasn't going to work so we should pack it in and go home,since 'surge' worked or at most calmed things down in Iraq,Hasting has never wrote to say he was wrong and that really irks me. :x
By furQ
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:He's much better in historical contexts.
Like when he said that "no nation on Earth possesses a talent for promoting its grievances to match that of the Irish"?

Mind you, I don't suppose you have to be all that sensitive when writing about military tactics instead of potatoes.
By LuciusAR
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Well as Military historian I must admit he is first class, one of my favorite writers on the 2nd world war. I've not read his work on the Falklands but I do intend to get round to it. His books are reasonable, well researched, balanced, fair minded and he shows a remarkable ability to view events in context. He displays no jingoism and is damming of the Allies when he feels it is deserved.

So it really irks me when he writes shite for the Mail.
By Waterstones
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I read a story about Hastings in a book on the Falklands War called 'Don't Cry for Me Sergeant-Major',Hastings was working for the Daily Telegraph at the time,and he was almost beaten-up by a gang of rival reporters because they found out that Hastings was jumping the line to get to the only ship in the Task-Force that had a satellite link-up to the UK,so Hastings was getting his reports out first,and he could do this because he was 'in' with the milltary. :?
By Greggery Peccary
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Oh dear...

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... ilies.html

He should stick to history books because he clearly has no clue about what is going on now.

But then he also neglects to mention the right-to-buy policy that forced so many people into private housing because of a lack of social housing stock.

And I nearly laughed (before I puked) at the way the DM illustrates this drivel with snippets from its own misreported examples of the 'benefits culture'.

All he has managed here is just an attack on the left and a smear on the poor.
By Goldplated
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Julian Assange (part 94)

Nice to see Hastings taking a good kicking in the comments section :lol: :

This megalomaniac sleazeball embodies the nightmares we face in the anarchic age of the internet

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... z18sXSnQob" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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