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By youngian
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How many politicians anywhere in the world can boast a smidgen of his contribution to human happiness ?
On Hastings's definition of human happiness probably most politicians running a niche micro state; Andorra, Luxembourg, Caymans. Except they don't have the authoritarian rule of Singapore. So its interesting what Hastings thinks we can learn from Singapore because he's not that explicit. Although I'm sure Singapore's a very nice place if that's your sort of thing. Certainly not mine. Its sounds like Canary Wharf run by the Stasi.
By The Red Arrow
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Monday, 29 June 2015
ISIS - Hitler Speaks
Head and shoulders above the rest, in that he has attempted to be original but failed spectacularly, is Max “Hitler” Hastings, who has been wheeled out by the Mail to tell readers that it’s all the fault of Edward Snowden, the deeply subversive Guardian, and all those bleeding heart liberal do-gooders who don’t appreciate the positive virtues of having the spooks snooping on our phone calls and emails.

Just how wibbling is “Hitler”? Feast your eyes on this gem: “It is scarcely surprising that the intelligence services are uneasy about the proposal in the report to government this month by David Anderson QC, that members of the judiciary should exercise powers of independent supervision over SIS, MI5 and GCHQ … A rogue judge granted such licence could delight the Guardian newspaper by adopting a tough line towards government surveillance, but do untold harm to our safety”.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Shots fired!

I don't think the Mail have forgiven members of the Royal Family for 'sticking their noses in politics' or criticising the media!

Oh do stop whinging Harry: The young Princes should quit baring their souls, ditch the self-pity, behave with dignity and, oh yes, get proper jobs, says MAX HASTINGS
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... tings.html

Busy Bee, Cloud Nine, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago
Harry, I would respectfully suggest you put a stop to this whinging. The public have just about heard enough from you. Step down, abdicate from all royal privileges and get a normal life. Problem is - you're just not used to work or discipline. You have simply no idea how spoilt you are.
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By davidjay
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Nowhere is the Mailite ability to perform backflips, handstands and cartwheels while continually doing 180 degree turns more apparent than in their opinion of the monarchy. They worship the institution but hate the individuals, with the exception of the Queen & Phil. I can't imagine why they love something that's symbolic of the days when Britannia ruled the waves but loathe anyone or anything that's attempting to make it relevant for the 21st century.
By youngian
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Not enough eulogising about Britain's role in WWII according to Max Hastings who like Simon Heffer fancies himself an authority on British war films. Hollywood pah its always about the Yanks winning the war, Cruel Sea was very good, In Which we serve brings a lump to the throat and were made the last time Hastings went to the cinema (this is the third film in the last few years about Dunkirk).
A war film that dares to celebrate a British triumph: After decades of movies lionising the Yanks, MAX HASTINGS says Dunkirk should be required viewing for all schoolchildren

Think how many years have passed since there has been anything like it: British audiences expected to pack cinemas to see a British movie about one of the great British moments of World War II: Dunkirk.
Christopher Nolan’s deafening epic about the evacuation from the northern French beaches in May 1940 provides an answer to fans who have demanded for years: ‘Why are we always given Hollywood films about how the Americans battled Hitler all on their own?’
The war movie is such a staple of popular entertainment, a huge element of modern culture, that it is amazing the British have for so long stayed out of it, preferring to make genre pictures about gritty life in northern cities, or rom-coms about smart London.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z4nY9g7oTO" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I once had a conversation about this with the great film director Stanley Kubrick, who was enthusing about a real-life 1944 episode in which the French Resistance battled with Nazi Panzers. I asked why he wasn’t making a film of the story. He replied: ‘Have you any idea what it costs to hire even one German tank for a week, never mind 20 of them?’

Paths of Glory now there's required viewing for all schoolchildren
By Andy McDandy
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That article's just basically a list of films. Seems very similar to a rant I read from George MacDonald Fraser - "Vietnam films are rubbish because the Brits never acted like that in Burma".
By Bones McCoy
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Andy McDandy wrote:That article's just basically a list of films. Seems very similar to a rant I read from George MacDonald Fraser - "Vietnam films are rubbish because the Brits never acted like that in Burma".
I'll start off by saying that the 1958 version with John Mills, Dickie Attemborough (and Bernard Cribbinds in a bit part) is an excellent example of a British war film.

But when I hear the Dunkirk evacuation being described as a stunning victory (Churchill was careful to avoid such showboating),
I'm suspicious that writers are laying a narrative for Brexit.

"Yes, it's shit, but there's an almost undigested bit of sweetcorn in it".
By Catkins
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Seems very similar to a rant I read from George MacDonald Fraser - "Vietnam films are rubbish because the Brits never acted like that in Burma
I once had a good chat with an actual Vietnam vet who insisted that 'Go Tell the Spartans' was the only accurate portrayal of that war.
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