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By youngian
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The Red Arrow wrote:Bleuuuuurgh! Let's inject a little sanity into the proceedings...

Why Prince George will never be king
Former BBC Royal Correspondent Christopher Lee says there's little chance the new prince will ever wear the crown.
But at least he could help with next year's harvest, Lee added.

By Big Rob
Even if you are not devout, having your child baptised takes trouble and effort — and is therefore the polar opposite of the lazy attitudes to tradition and the family which blight modern life.
Even if you are not stupid, shoving broken glass up your dirtbox takes trouble and effort and is therefore the polar opposite of being lazy.
By Lord Brett
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Fozzy wrote:According to someone on the radio this morning, the first 13 pages of the dead tree version of the Mail are filled with christening bollocks. 13 pages !!!!!
I just checked (I work in a library and the bloody thing is right next to me) - it's actually the first 15 pages!
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There are 11 pages about Nigella in today's paper, apparently, including one from Bel urging the uttermost sympathy for her "poor children". If you don't mind Bel, I'll save my sympathy for the thousands of kids who are the victims of sexual and violent abuse and those who live in poverty and will be lucky to get a decent meal this Christmas let alone presents as their parents visit foodbanks in the run-up to it.

I'm not saying a parent doing cocaine should be the norm, but I haven't heard any stories of her kids being ill-treated, and I don't see much difference between her doing the occasional line of coke (which I am sure she would not have been while her kids were in the room anyway) and parents who have a Scotch or two in the evening after a busy day at work.
By Kreuzberger
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See also the vast acreage of print and endless hours of broadcast time being dedicated to highlighting this newly-discovered fundamental flaw in the judicial system where a witness has his or her character debased by the defence. Utterly pathetic.
By glasgowgril
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http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... ciety.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Oh, this damn woman. The saccharine-laden faux nostalgia for an age that never existed grates so badly on me. Comparing a modern London shopping centre with a fictional TV drama set in the 50s - how hard is it to see how bogus that is? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It's a total non-story. And how she manages to get from a fake lost child to 'lonely old people' is a mystery. And the solution is to get rid of smartphones. Riiiiiiiiight. Got you.

Ps it actually isn't a case of ignore OR be angel of mercy. The usual reduction of anything to extremes so beloved of the Mail. What any sensible person would do, if worried about a child or someone else who seems vulnerable, would be to tell shopping centre security, whose job it is to deal with this sort of thing. But oh no, because that doesn't make passers-by into villains or saints, does it. Can't be having that.
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