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The nasty little creep that is Andrew 'ratboy' Pierce has done the hatchet job on Lady Hale.

Ex-barmaid with a spider brooch who spun legal web that snared PM: ANDREW PIERCE on Supreme Court president Lady Hale

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... -Hale.html

She is 'fearsomely intelligent' he says, but then reduces her to the Sidebar of Shame:
Always immaculately turned out, Lady Hale has an undeniable star quality that has led some excitably to dub her ‘the Beyonce of the legal world’:
In a first for a top judge, she featured in a double-page spread in fashion bible Vogue marking a century since women were allowed to practise law. She has even appeared as a very different sort of judge on a special edition of MasterChef. (Her verdict: it’s difficult to cook fish for large numbers of people.)

On the court circuit she is famed for the oversized insect and animal brooches she wears while delivering her judgments. They have ranged from a frog to a butterfly.
"I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him."
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Andrew Pierce: Born Patrick Connolly, 1961.
Rejected by mother, sent to an orphanage, adopted aged 2.
Went to Catholic comprehensive, no further or higher education.
Worked at the Daily Telegraph and The Times - early career details unclear.
Openly gay, and in a civil union.
Joined the Daily Mail in 2009.
2013 - opposed same-sex marriage.
2014 - cost the Mail a lot in compensation for allegations made against Nigel Farage's 2nd wife.
2018 - cost the Mail £11,000 in costs against Kate Maltby for accusing her falsely.
2018 - opposed the idea of taxpayer-funded PrEP, a preventative medication to protect against contracting HIV.
Has an LBC radio show. Managed not to get sued in that role.
Is a perennial on BBC, ITV and Sky.

A nasty piece of work.
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By MisterMuncher
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The simple and complete terror these people feel at an accomplished, professional woman at the top of their game is palpable. Good. They're only going to feel it more as time goes on, and the system they love has forced women be twice as good as their male counterparts for the same reward, every move to equalise things will be a fresh hammer-blow.

It's like those fucking eejits that reckon they could probably take Serena Williams or Katie Taylor because, well, they're little weak, silly women, not strong, rational men. The undercurrent here is "who does she think she is?" This clown genuinely believes he'd make a better job of it, or he wouldn't expend the effort minimising her achievement and besmirching her record, all but calling her fluff.

She's the president of the Supreme Court, Andy. You're a aging hack for a shit paper that hires you solely to be able to say "but some of our best friends are poofters". Fuck off.
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