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By Messianic Trees
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Couldn't find a thread for Utley, but thought this article was worth flagging up:

A council survey about speed humps asks if I'm straight, gay or bisexual. Is there any madder example of government waste?

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... z1IIJNbEWY" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

According to Wikipedia, he was lured from the Torygraph in 2006 after the Mail offered him a salary of £120,000. Wonder what he's on now. Less than the PM, do you think?

A Johann Hari article from 2004 refers to a piece of his entitled "Why I Don't Want Gays Minding My Children", in which he claimed that:
"a higher proportion of homosexuals than heterosexuals molest children". For this he offered no evidence. The reason for this is simple: academic studies persistently find it to be wholly untrue. Why was this piece published?
By Mr Mordon
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Not related to the homophobe issue but he looses me with the very first sentence:
Through my letterbox this week dropped a set of five documents which should help future historians to understand why, some time before the end of the present century, prosperous Britain was relegated to the Third World.
pathetic :x

For example: ‘Every one of us can help make Lambeth’s roads safer by recognising our responsibility for the safety of other road users whenever we drive or ride.’
Well, who would have thought of that, without the council’s guidance?
Selfish morons like you Tom...
we have a rival to Littlejohn here i think
By Catkins
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Here's the peado/gays article
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/4257 ... ldren.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

He was also banging on about a gay mafia ruling the UK when Labour was elected in 1997. I can't find the original but here's a NY Times story on it with quotes.
http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.h ... A96E958260" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Gays are "nasty and wrong" apparently but he feels terribly brave about saying so.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Predictions 100 years ahead. No-risk twattery if ever I saw it.

Utley's trying to tag along with the "decline of the west" stuff. But he's too thick to know that if China becomes rich, that doesn't in itself make us third world. And he thinks it's only Britain as if questions about gays on a form is the big issue, not debts or ageing population.
By Tubby Isaacs
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That paedos thing is quite incredible. I don't like gays, people agree with me, so it's right. When the gays don't get all shirty, they're being "passive aggressive". The man is a complete cunt.

And I accidentally clicked on Simon Heffer's "it's the lefties who are closing libraries" bollocks. I can't read the Telegraph because it annoys me even more than the Mail. Luckily a chap on there keeps mentioning Suffolk Council's rather draconian cuts- 29 libraries out of 44.

Heffer as ever can't be bothered to look up how many "lesbian outreach workers" there are. And no way he's going to mention that Labour councils have bigger cuts.
By J
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:I accidentally clicked on Simon Heffer's "it's the lefties who are closing libraries" bollocks.
I too know the rage that the Telegraph can induce. If it helps, I stumbled into Simon Heffer at the Labour Party conference in 2001. I was stoned off the face of the planet, it was a pothead period in my existence, and somehow found myself facing him making direct eye contact. That's all I did but he recoiled in horror and slunk off like a cowardly little turd. I like to think he looked in my eyes and saw conviction and his own hollow self-serving position reflected. Probably he saw a scruff with pink eyeballs he thought might come near him and be all smelly and left-wing.

He really does look like uncannily like one of the pigs from the animated versin of Animal Farm. I swear he had trotters.

I once came fact to face with Ken Livingstone stoned out of my gourd, on the tube. I decided to pull silly faces and try and provoke a response. He looked right through me with the faintest glimmer of a condescending 'seen it all before' smile to himself. Cool as fuck!

Anyway, Heffer is a waste of skin. That is all.
By Catkins
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I'd love to be able to find the full original 1998 article Utley wrote, which is possibly even worse than the gay= paedo one but the Telegraph has taken it down. However, both the Indie and Guardian quoted it in part as follows

"homophobia is right"

Homosexuals are "engaged in a massive recruitment drive"

"I think that even long-term and faithful relationships between homosexuals can never be more than a parody of heterosexual marriage. Oh, and the very thought of homosexual sex disgusts me"

"I have other prejudices too ... I believe that there is a number of character weaknesses to which homosexuals are particularly (although by no means exclusively) prone - cattiness, selfishness, promiscuity and cowardice among them. I am particularly wary of homosexual politicians, because I suspect that, lacking the urge to pass on their genes, they may also lack the heterosexual's instinctive feeling for posterity. That may be pure tripe, but it is what I think. Nor do I believe that there is a 'homosexual gene', which programmes its carriers from birth."

He really is a fucking tosser isn't he?
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By ezinra
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Here's important news, Utley has given up trying to communicate with his cleaner because she says things with a funny accent.
I suppose it's a good thing that communication between us is all but impossible. For it means that Kate is hard at work all the time she's with us, never breaking off to chat about boyfriend problems, homesickness, difficulties with her landlord or whatever else may be on her mind.
Yes, it's an awful business, having to pretend to treat your domestic staff like human beings. Fortunately, the language barrier means that Kate ("I should explain that Kate isn't her real name, which is something much more complicated and Polish with a great many Ys and Zs in it") can't express her discontent with her tedious, repetitive, back-breaking job, nor the pittance she is being paid for it. This marks her out from a previous British cleaner, who "bristled with outraged dignity if she had so much as to pick up a wet towel from the bathroom floor". How arrogant! She sounds like the sort of dreadful person who'd complain about having to sort her own rubbish or walk an extra 20 metres because some parking spaces were reserved for disabled people!
By Messianic Trees
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He seems to be getting a bit of a kicking in the comments. He clearly doesn't have as many sycophantic arse kissers as Littledong ("Hi Wally", yes I mean you) reading his columns.

I rather like this one:
I say, Utley, such a jolly laugh, what? Best to keep these Poles in their place, cleaning our kitchens so that we shouldn't have to dirty our own hands. Time was when you could get the local working-class in...but seeing as they talk back, why the ruddy hell not employ a Pole? Silent and respectful, have the fear of God in 'em that you'll get 'em in trouble with Authority, and you've got a skivvy for life! Don't bother teaching 'em English, old boy - that way, they'll become surly and sullen as one of our own home county breeds. I prefer to keep all of my servants out in the stables, chained up until I need the place dusted. Smashing fun, eh what?
- Dr Redwolf, UK, 2/9/2011 9:55
By SewerUrchin
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I am Polish - born and bred in Poland. Came to London over 2 years ago for my studies at the university. I speak English as you can read. Currently working as a web administrator for the online-based company and finishing my dissertation at the uni. I've gone through my studies with merits and distinctions - so far, so good. Then, after reading this article (let's call it 'an article' - it was published anyway), I've started wondering if I should feel sorry for myself being Polish-Easter European or I should feel sorry for Mr. Utley in his pyjamas. I do understand England is English people's country but I am not so sure if UK would be doing well without taxes of people from abroad working here and with its extended benefit system. I am not going to call anybody lazy or useless. There is no point blaming each other. I do appreciate being given a change to study and work in this country but I cannot really accept such untrue and grotesque depiction of Polish people in UK.

- Gosia, London , 2/9/2011 20:32 36
Fantastic. No doubt Utley will smugly marvel at any linguistic/spelling errors in this post, but she still makes a shitload more sense than he does.
Watch your valuables Tom; Poles steal anything that isn't nailed down.

- Barry, Leeds, UK, 2/9/2011 17:54131
COTD contender?
I cant afford a cleaner polish or not and if I could I would not use cheap foriegn labour period .I am sick to death now of hearing languages other than my own being spoken everywhere and before you all jump to conclusions yes I am Australian.

- colin, huddersfield, 2/9/2011 17:52 11
Either a very subtle parody, or a complete dick.
I bet you pay her cash in hand, and if she is employed by others as a cleaner I bet they pay her cash in hand. Nice little earner Eh' All these myths about what they bring to the economy is rubbish if you are in the know, you do actually know that most Eastern Europeans work cash in hand, brining nothing to the UK, but pressure on our NHS etc. They pay no tax or NHI we have enough of our own leeches without importing them as well. I hope the INLAND REVENUE read this.

- Ros , London UK, 2/9/2011 13:12 41
I like how Mailites work themselves up into a mouth-foaming rage based on "I bet".
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