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By Daley Mayle
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I was once a victim of McAlpine's excesses.

Many years ago I had taken the family on a weekend break where we stayed in a rather nice 'country house' style hotel in Devon and I felt very pleased with myself with the choice. After a very agreeable dinner we adjourned to bed and looked forward to a lazy start to the next day and a full English.

Dawn was just about breaking when I was woken up by a noise that I struggled to identify, it was a low whine and sounded like an electric milk float approaching from the distance. But it grew louder and louder then all of a sudden there was an explosive roar and a thwacking noise. I leaped like a rather ungainly hippo from my comfie bed and went to the window from where I could see a feckin' great helicopter on the lawn going through it's take off procedures. After ten minutes or so of revving and checking it took off and disappeared over the horizon.

As we and every other bugger in the hotel were awake we made our bleary-eyed way to the dining room and I asked about the helicopter. 'Oh', the waitress said, 'that's Lord McAlpine's helicopter, he has a seaside property in Devon and he is flown there from London on the weekends and he pays for his pilot to stay in this hotel'. Apparently he doesn't like helicopters cluttering up his lawns and having transportation staff staying in the house.
By kronstadt
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Why Gove MUST keep on caning the Left

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... z2sjP1WVJQ" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

No, WTF. This argument makes no sense at all.
Michael Gove has had yet another tough week as Education Secretary. For daring to dispense with the services of Labour-supporting Baroness Morgan as chairman of Ofsted, he has received relentless vilification from the Left-wing media.
Also known as "reporting the news". It would be fairly dodgy if they attempted to hush the dispute up, no?
But he is not replacing Lady Morgan at the education inspectorate because he is partisan. He is doing so because state education in this country is in such a mess.
And it's all her fault...except even Gove himself said she did well in the job.
For decades so-called ‘educationists’ have dictated, from an aggressively Left-wing standpoint, the terms of mass education in this country. The result is a system that militates against excellence, suffocates potential, and turns out too many young people unfit to thrive in the modern, ultra-competitive world in which they must find their way.
The way to make them totally competitive with, say, China, would be to have barracks of them in Special Economic Zones or laogai, churning out goodies for the rest of the world. I don't think knowing English history, advanced mathematics or Latin would be much help there.
When Mr Gove talks of a nine or ten-hour day for state pupils, and more rigorous teaching in subjects such as English and maths, practices that are normal in public schools — it’s in the hope of avoiding such outcomes. But teachers and their unions absolutely hate it.
To the idea that this is "normal in public schools" and that's how the little geniuses came to rule the world, bollocks. It is not "more rigorous teaching" and longer days that mean public school students are more likely to end up in Cabinet, it's the connections made. They often do not get a better education, but they get a knowledge of who is well connected and who can help them out.

When I went to university in the early 2000s, the first thing a lot of people asked is "What school did you go to?". Mine was a comprehensive that at the time ranked very low in the area due to ongoing problems. It's strange that when I told them they became very uninterested in talking to me...
Low standards can no longer be tolerated. The schools inspectorate must be ruthless in weeding out bad teachers. It needs to be resolute in the face of obstruction from the teaching unions and those Left-wing academics whose discredited theories are finally being put in the dustbin.
The inspectorate is not there to judge academic theory or the teachers' unions. It is there to measure performance, and that is all. "Bad" teachers may be bad for a number of reasons - they may be bad because they are unfitted to teach, but they could also be struggling to teach a class with many children from deprived backgrounds, ESL issues, special educational needs - that's a completely different profile from Eton.
Significantly, only last week the Office for National Statistics’ analysis of the 2011 census suggested that 785,000 people speak English so badly that it is likely to handicap their ability to find work. This follows decades of teachers arguing that self-expression of whatever quality is more important than correct grammar, use of words and spelling.
Absolute shite, what teacher ever has argued that use of words, grammar and spelling aren't important? If you are teaching a child with SEN you would be happy if they wrote something and encourage them to write more, rather than pouncing on the fact that they couldn't spell. Spelling will come with time and encouragement, not with discipline and aggression.

As for "speaking English badly" what does that mean? Do they speak in local dialect? Scots? Do they have Gaelic or Welsh as a first language? Are they speaking English as a foreign language? That is so vague as to be incomprehensible.
Bureaucrats and quangocrats must, in a democracy, yield to the policies of an elected secretary of state, and not persistently try to obstruct them.
Belonging to the evil public sector, I have to say that this is what we do. We yield to the policies, but we will also object to things we don't think will work, because that is part of our remit as well.
By youngian
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For decades so-called ‘educationists’ have dictated, from an aggressively Left-wing standpoint, the terms of mass education in this country. The result is a system that militates against excellence, suffocates potential, and turns out too many young people unfit to thrive in the modern, ultra-competitive world in which they must find their way.
We certainly do live in a modern world that suffocates potential for millions of young people who cannot see much incentive to learn. When it comes to calls for planning full employment to raise aspirations, Mr Heffer will of course be at the front of the queue.
By Big Rob
Now we know 27.5 per cent of all income tax is paid by just one per cent of people, will those who long for high tax rates for the wealthy realise the dangers of their policy? It will take only a few of those with very deep pockets to leave Britain for revenues to plunge, as has been the case in France.

Given that Danny Alexander, Lib Dem Chief Secretary to the Treasury, is in the business of maximising the tax take, will he stop denouncing the idea of cutting the 45p top rate? The Government would raise much more revenue if it were 40p.
And therein lies the problem with globalization.

I really see no way out of this unless we go back to closing the free flow of money across borders.
By Messianic Trees
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Hands off, Argies! These'll soon be the richest islands on Earth: Oil off Falklands could earn islanders billions. And, as SIMON HEFFER found out, they're more than ready for a fight if their old enemy gets any ideas

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z2tZ18z7nA" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Milesinfront, Manchester

Sounds more British than Britain. In years to come, the Falkland Islands may indeed be the last refuge of the British people seeking refuge from foreign colonialism and EU dictatorship.
By youngian
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I haven't seen any articles which have estimated this to be a particularly significant oil find and the often quoted 350m Barrels does not mean it is economically extractable. The hook is not remotely news worthy and it just looks like this is Heffer's idea of a jolly where he get a lump in his throat and wank off at British colonial exploits.
By Andy McDandy
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Deep water, south Atlantic, and where's the pipeline/refinery going to go/be? Clue - not on the Falklands.

My other half (who knows about such things, being a geophysicist) is pretty scathing about these things. Until cost of extraction falls to a point where it's economically viable, nobody will drill.
By The Weeping Angel
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Of course if Argentina did invade the falklands then Simon would bravely get off his fat backside and would happily join up to defend the islands
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By mrleebob
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crabcakes_windermere wrote:
Littlejohn's brain wrote:Of course if Argentina then Simon would bravely get off his fat backside and would happily join up to defend the islands
Better still, dump him in the sea and we'd have a new island we could offer to Argentina.
:lol: In my head, this is how the stereotypical Mail reader looks.
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