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By dailyheil
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intringuingly when she appeared on moron's life stories she never mentioned she also moaned about the casting couch as well jesus reading that article how dare her children point out that calling an asian a chinaman isn't a good idea and how the hell can she think the lib dems are more to the left than labour?

the world according to joan must be a very strange place indeed
By Ebon Badger
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davidjay wrote:
ezinra wrote:Yesterday she was interviewed in the MoS by Jan Moir, tastefully using a rape anecdote to plug her book.
Raped by a man who I understand she later married....
Attitudes to rape have changed vastly since it happened I'm betting. Back then, if you were raped by someone you knew it was obviously your fault, or you're making it up because you feel guilty about being a slut etc etc and then if you have self esteem issues you may well put up with it, make excuses for it. Kind of like why people stay with partners who smack them about. And I guess rape would qualify as a particularly vile form of smacking someone about.
By Bones McCoy
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MacGuffin wrote:More gems from Joan today, including this:
It is impossible to buy a normal-sized bar of chocolate in this country.
Back with the KitKats again - in a surprising display of self awareness.
By Amazonian
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So, there's this famous Hollywood producer and his wife. One sunny evening they're being driven home in their Roller, when a trio of armed thugs appear, block the road, and make the couple and their chauffeur exit the vehicle, before relieving them of their wallets, their jewellery, and then driving off in the car.

"Everything gone," bemoans the producer. His wife blushes charmingly.

"Not quite everything, darling. I saved our wedding ring. I...ah...hid it in a private place."

The producer does a double-take.

"Bloody hell!" he exclaims. "It's just a pity that Miss Collins wasn't with us, or we could have saved the Rolls..."

B'dum tish, thangyew layzgennulmen, I'll be here all week.
By Andy McDandy
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Joan Collins was in a stage version of The Diary of Anne Frank (Got that? Good).

Heckler shouts "She's in the attic!".

The old ones are sometimes the best...
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