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By SewerUrchin
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I was watching some chat show or other months ago, and kd lang was on it. She said that she's always identified with crows, and once, when she met Angelica Huston, she decided that she resembled a crow in some odd way or other, and proceeded to blurt out "Wow, I'm a crow too!" As far as drunk anecdotes go, that's a pretty good one.
By ezinra
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You can't have everything. It's unfair enough as it is!

Seriously, I love her style. It's not as draggy as it's made out to be, with the shiny blousey collars she wears. And she wears really interesting jewellery — rings that would make me look like a yuppie fortune teller but which look fabulous on her. Lucky, lucky you, gg.
By Messianic Trees
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Joan, Jane and a ray of hope for all golden girls

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There hasn't been much to cheer up this dismally wet and chilly summer, so thank heavens for the wonderful Joan Collins and Jane Fonda.

At a time when every middle-aged person I know is fretting about the recession and the prospect of a miserable old age on an inadequate pension, it's been left to these two indefatigable septuagenarians to show the rest of us how to live.
By glasgowgril
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Oh yes, the only way to be a valid human being if you're over 70 is to cake on make-up and have plastic surgery in a vain effort to look younger than you are and then, employing the experience of a lifetime in destroying relationships, your own and other people's, staying thin and painting your face, tell others how to conduct themselves. Pathetic. And the only decent thing Jane Fonda ever did in her life is the one thing Sandra Parsons picks out to criticise -
Fonda’s life has been marked both by ill-chosen politics
Amazingly, SP's getting kicked from here to next week in the comments. One day these Glendas will realise that their audience of middle-aged to older women have actually, in general, got a little more confidence than young girls when it comes to looks.
By Danson's Forehead
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Jane Fonda on the screen today, convinced the liberals it's OK ...

Right, that won't get dislodged from my head for a while.
By Paul
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daveinbrum wrote:For fuck's sake, she's currently on the One Show (I know, that'll teach me to have it on) moaning about the EU banning lightbulbs, and throwing in a few myths about fruit and veg for good measure. Grrr.... :evil:

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