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By satnav
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It's school holiday time again so Shona has got to knock out another article for the Mail to fund the family holiday.

'I get rid of dogs as soon as they stop being cute puppies': Brazen confession of the woman who's got rid of FOUR dogs in four years

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Bored with exploiting her kids for money she has now moved on to her dogs.
By Nialler
This woman's articles should go no further than a large manila folder with her name on it residing in a psychiatrist's filing cabinet.

Aside from her numerous unspeakable articles about her children (all searchable and readable by them and their schoolmates for the foreseeable future) her level of self-revelation just stops short of a close up of her latest smear test.

Alas, her revel of self-revelation is inversely proportional to her level of self-awareness.

Her relevations - as with those of the Brick woman - also drag in innocent family members.

She's bad enough, but the editor who approves this stuff is as bad and is additionally guilty of exploitation.
By satnav
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I notice that the comments under the article have not been moderated, as a result there are well over 2000 comments most of which criticize Shona. This clearly shows that Mail on-line use her as click bait. Given how passionately many people in this country feel about dogs there could well be some very nasty repercussions for Shona. If her house is vandalized or if she gets attacked in the street I wonder if the editor who published this article will feel the slightest tinge of guilt.
By crabcakes_windermere
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To be honest, I don't think the editor should unless he's heavily rewriting these articles. Shona should, because she's obviously not stupid so must be completely aware of what she's doing with these efforts. And of course Dacre should, because he's obviously the driving force behind the sort of rag that would commission and buy pieces where a woman slags off her family in public and states how she deliberately makes their lives miserable and how they make her life miserable by seemingly just existing in some cases.
By Messianic Trees
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I just want to weep! Shona flogged her home and jewellery to pay for her daughter's £100,000 education. Now the defiant teen's dropped out of school... for a bar job in Magaluf

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By youngian
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Good piece to split Mail readers; 'Ungrateful kids today don't know they're born' Vs 'She's better of in the university of life than listening to know-nothing lefty lecturers.'
Shona said Flo didn't mind her classmates were significantly more wealthy and more likely to have polo horses
I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be spending the summer pouring spirits into the mouths of drunken British teenagers in a seedy Spanish holiday resort. She would have realised that hard work is the only way to get on.
You sent her to a private school because networking with people with polo horses is a far surer way of getting on than working hard. Although she'll make a few bob grafting in Magaluf.
By Andy McDandy
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It's just unbelievable in it's sheer snobbery, and then jaw-droppingly hilarious in its payoff. She and her husband blow everything because they want their kid - just the one of them, fuck the others - to go private. Not just any private school, but the one Princess Anne went to. Which tells us that that little fact was probably more important to them than its results or sports facilities. Then, judging by the response from the daughter, she's made to feel horribly uncomfortable as the poorest kid in the class, and only really feels OK when she's sent to the local 6th form and isn't expected to keep up with the Fotherington-Thomases any more.

There's an absolute peach of a bit where Shona describes the typical day of a 'jelly shot girl', and to be honest it sounds rather attractive if you're 17 or 18. Sleep in, bit of evening sun, go to work, party on through morning.

But on the whole, I always find these confessional 'I'm a fucking idiot' pieces deeply uncomfortable. Not only because if they're true, they're laying a lot out in public, and if they're not, they're deeply morally eggy; but because of the exposure not just of the 17 year old (which is bad enough) but of all the other kids.
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