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By visage
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The other thing is the tone that what the kid is doing is wrong. Personally going abroad, getting a job, paying her own way etc seems like the actions of someone who is gathering lots of life skills.

But Shona seems to have envisaged an alternative - hang around with posh kids, get an internship, became a NathanBarley. Only that wont happen, because the elite class have a finely honed sense for those that dont fit in.
By Abernathy
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I'm afraid I lost the will to live half way down Shona's misery wank, but not before spotting this gem:
I have flogged jewellery, begged family unashamedly for loans and even danced a little too closely to the school bursar at the summer ball in the hope of getting money knocked off the fees for the elder two.
Eh? eh? Nudge nudge, wink wink! Eh? Dancing a bit too close, eh? Phwoaaarrrr.

Yes folks, Clives, Rogers, Keiths, and other Daily Mail husbands will be reading that and getting a sexual frisson about old Shona the hatchet-faced cock-teaser that'll send them off to the lavvy for an urgent call of nature that'll involve more Andrex than usual.

She'd consider shagging the bursar to get a few knicker off the school fees? Phwooaaarrrrr!
By Andy McDandy
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Also, some of the things she claims to have done - begging for money off family and friends, practically sucking the Bursar's cock at the school dance - are just plain creepy.

Spot on with the planned career path BTW. I also imagine Shona's trembling at the thought of her precious one getting violated by some hairy Latino waiter against the bins, rather than by a coked up Buller boy in a field near Oxford.
By Messianic Trees
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What price a mother's rights? Imagine Shona's shock when she found her 15-year-old had bulimia. Worse, her school and a GP had kept it from her for months - even as it became life threatening

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