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By Squeaker
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Shona Sibary has always felt plain. But experts say learning to love your looks can change how others see you... Can you think yourself beautiful?

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Next week Shona uses some cod-psychology to convince herself she's a journalist......
By Big Arnold
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My best friend cut me off - and it hurt more than losing a lover
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It's like buses. You wait ages, and Shona and Samantha come along at once.
By shyamz
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Look more closely, and you soon discover that it appears her boyfriend didn't like the woman, and nor did she like him.

So far so ordinary, yet Ms Sibary starts out her piece trying to make herself look like she was an innocent abused friend, abandoned by her bestest chum for no reason (written probably as payback).
She tries to make it sound horrific and unfair - as if she has been traumatised for life by this senseless betrail. It is in fact the kind of ordinary story experienced by many people before her.

There is nothing special about you Shona - sorry, but there it is. Get over it.
By Big Arnold
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For that matter, he didn’t like her much either. All those things I’d always loved about Jill — her bluntness, sarcasm and honesty — Keith misunderstood as prickly stand-offishness
That rings a bell. [Thinks]
Are women like me too critical to attract a man?
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‘Yes, snippy,’ he said. ‘Abrupt. Critical. If someone says or does something wrong, then you’re onto it straight away. Men will ignore a lot of things if they fancy someone — a weird dress sense, or taking hours getting ready to go out — but they hate being put down or made to feel small. You can be funny, but sometimes it’s way too close for comfort.’
By shyamz
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Exactly - she picked a man over a mate. Tale as old as ruddy time.

I'm not saying she was right or wrong for doing so, nor that it is always wrong for anybody to to do so. Just that if it never occoured to her until now that that might have been the reason, then she is either very naive, or very stupid.
By Big Arnold
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As it's revealed one in five of us yearns to rekindle our first romance... It was joyous to sow wild oats. But I'd never want to make hay with my first love again
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/artic ... z24vRHNzrX" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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