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By Big Rob
Hello my name is julie i liked a boy called tony and i let him put his winky in my foo foo but then i said i dont like BOYS boys smell i like girls i am right about lots of things and i saw a band before anyone else did and then they all said they liked them but by then the band was boring cos everyone else said they liked them and then i did another thing before everyone else did but then i got bored and then they started giving me money to say that i didnt like things other people liked and that things other people said were bad were good really and anyway BOYS all smell but i dont smell in fact i smell quite lovely tee hee
Was that out of Viz?

There is pisstake. Then there is Viz pisstake.
By Andy McDandy
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Maybe not word for word, but certainly in spirit...There's shades of Lee and Herring's 'Ironic Review' in there as well.

EDIT - and indeed, shades of Arabella Weir's 'Miss Different' character from The Fast Show (the one who was hard as nails to other women, but turned into goo when talking to a man).
By ezinra
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As Suzi Quatro blasts raunchy modern popstars, Julie Burchill responds: 'Selling pop with sex? Well you started it Suzi, you old hypocrite!'

I'm fairly sure she didn't start it:


And hypocrisy?
Well, excuse me, but I thought feminism was meant to teach us about female solidarity.
Says Burchill, halfway through yet another article devoted to slagging off women she doesn't like. In the Daily Mail.
Julie Burchill. Chosen specialised subject: Rehashing the Same Article Hundreds of Times and Missing the Point.

- Pearl, Brighton, 22/11/2012 9:03 Rating 57
By Bones McCoy
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Come alive, come alive, down in devil gate drive - uh huh huh!!
By mojojojo
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I didn't realise how much we'd missed Burchill, how much we need her. With all the shit going on, a government trying to steal from us all and line their own pockets., a press that thinks its above the law, worldwide poverty, war in the Middle. East - we need someone brave and selfless enough to attack those who wield true power, those like Suzi Quattro. Thank you Julie. And thank you Paul.
By ezinra
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You've just dropped a couple of notches on the Mailwatch Cool List, I'm afraid.

On a totally different matter, Burchill's piece includes this:
As the pop star Joan Jett once remarked to me: 'Man, the day I found out that Suzi Quatro wasn’t a dyke was the worst day of my life!'
Given that they usually asterisk pejoratives like whore and bitch, not to mention the word crap, shouldn't the Mail's subs have applied the same principle to dyke?
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