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In typical Messent style last Friday she first wrote this reasonable piece about Islam.

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Then this totally vile diatribe against women.

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Maureen hates other women. She particularly hates none stick-thin women, common women and women who don't stand by their man.
Maureen sounding off on a subject she actually knows fuck all about, in order to appear "controversial". About par for the course.

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In what must rank as Planet Earth’s quickest popular canonisation, the late Nelson Mandela now wears a halo.

Which is interesting because it raises the point of exactly when a terrorist becomes a gallant freedom fighter.

I distrust much of the current acclaim surrounding this good man’s passing. Heads of state flying to his obsequies will all know his long walk to freedom did scant good to alleviate the parlous plight of poverty-stricken South Africans.

Mandela’s ANC was Communist-run. He espoused violence in his pre-prison days while others chose to fight politically. There was no need for bloodshed.

Apartheid was a busted flush that would have died from international censure.

As president, Mandela accepted Africa’s odious and Overseas’ Aid plunderers as cronies, leaving Mugabe to fill his handmade shoes with swag. Uganda’s president, another Mandela creature, received not a word of reproof.

Even the present South African president, Jacob Zuma, a thieving thug building himself a £14.5 million palace for his retirement, escaped Mandela’s wrath.

And this Unholy Trinity will be rubbing shoulders with the decent at the funeral and after.

Mandela chose silence when a sentence or two could have started their collapse.

Yes, he was a symbol of black and white equality and acted as its midwife. But he failed to deliver.
By davidjay
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She's a spiteful piece of work. Forever flaunting Asian neighbours as evidence of her liberal credentials, provided they know their place, buy her presents for their religious celebrations and don't get involved in politics or do anything to disturb her. She's like a plantation owner kidding herself that the slaves love Missy.
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Once again Maureen shows that other women are silly little gels who should know their place.

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There aren’t many of us who’ve not cursed fluently and ripely when greeted by voicemail instead of the mortal we sought.

Maybe we’re running late. Are under pressure. The recorded message seems the last straw and, knowing we’ll be unheard, we use the safety valve of verbal fireworks.

Two two West Midlands’ police officers fell into this dodgy digital trap. Thinking they’d turned off the mobile they were using to contact a young woman who’d reported she’d been attacked by her partner, they, too, let rip.

“F------ slag” was the phrase used, unsuitable for any woman, doubly so as she reported an offence against her.

But let’s keep matters in proportion. These men swore in frustration at their inability to contact this lady, not at her. Adults will know that there but for the grace of God.

Uproar greeted their slip-up though. Every politically correct, gravy-train athlete had her two penn’orth of bile, all “deeply shocked” at “this disturbing allegation” which was “a slap in the face for all police officers who serve their communities....”

But note that complainants all represented police or organisations dealing with alleged female victims. Politically-correct over-reaction guaranteed.

Note, too, that these phone fumblers haven’t been sacked or even threatened with this. They’ve been removed for a time from dealing with the public – the Peelers’ equivalent to time on the naughty step. And the woman’s case against her partner was discontinued in court.

These men erred. No insult intended. Total absence of malice. Those needing smelling-salts and loosened corsets at this “scandal” have helped us end February with a (suppressed) laugh.
By shyamz
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A man who possibly abused his partner could have got away with it clearly because of the adverse publicity drawn to the case by two completely unprofessional arseholes, and all this slag can do is say how annoying voicemail is? Are we to believe that if the woman had been there to answer the phone he might have been charged and all this could have been avoided? That a man might be getting what he deserves right now were it not for the actions of two police officers who were supposed to be duty bound to help people?

Personally I've never know anyone to leave a torrent of abuse or even one swearword on an answerphone message unless perhaps it was a person they knew very well who had annoyed them. Most people who don't want to deal with an answerphone message just hang up, you would have to be a very aggressive person who thinks they are untouchable to say the kinds of things Maureen thinks are commonplace - there is certainly no excuse for the police doing it, and I would not be suprised if their story about thinking the phone was off was a lie as well. But hey, they are the police, and clearly (as the outcome of this story proves) they are beyond reproach.

We were talking about how the endless cases of famous historical abuse cases of recent years might put off women (and men of course) from reporting abuse because they either think people will not believe them or think they asked for it, or because they don't trust the police. How will reporting a story like this help matters, or publicly allowing shits like Maureen to share such opinions come to mention it.
And possibly, if Maureen is in the habit of leaving sweary messages on voicemail, people are less inclined to get back to her. Ever decreasing circles and all that...
These men swore in frustration at their inability to contact this lady, not at her.
Does Maureen seriously believe that? If the voicemail had just been one of the officers saying "oh bollocks" as he put the phone down, I would agree it probably wasn't intentional and no real harm done, but that sort of rant? Do me a favour.
It's probably the only long term solution. Even if he is given a custodial sentence first time, he'll probably be out is a few months, and it's back to square one with the added irrational anger at the victim for reporting him to the police.
Easier said than done, I know.
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