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By Bones McCoy
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Daley Mayle wrote:
youngian wrote:Can't argue with that-
You really are a revolting, pathetic, jumped up, inadequate, sad little excuse for a man Mckay. Shove your vile right wing view were the sun don't sine.

- Richard Freeman , Exeter, United Kingdom, 04/6/2013 13:47

I think Richard got so angry banging that one out he eventually broke the letter 'h'.
Unless he's riffing on the wave-particle duality of electromagnetic radiation.

In which case "Sun don't sine" is a cryptic hint that he wants something solid poked up McLie's arse.
Perhaps also that no light would ever escape from that heart of darkness..
By Abernathy
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youngian wrote:
If you're the sort of person who sits in front of Sci Fi and fantasy saying 'that couldn't happen, what rubbish' or 'its stupid, there is no such thing as aliens' than Arthur Miller or Harold Pinter could write an episode and would make no difference to their opinion.
I'm not that sort of person at all, in fact I appreciate well-made sci-fi as much as your keenest Whovian nerd.

Yet I'm with Malc - I've never really liked it. To name just one thing about it that I seriously dislike - the constant, too-bloody-loud music that makes it all but impossible to follow the dialogue.
By Andy McDandy
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What I hate about it are two things -

One, it's very pleased with itself to the point of shouting out how brilliant it thinks it is in every line, action and camera shot.

Two, the assumption, promoted by the BBC, that everyone bloody loves it and if you don't there's something wrong with you.
By youngian
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Abernathy wrote: I'm not that sort of person at all, in fact I appreciate well-made sci-fi as much as your keenest Whovian nerd.

Yet I'm with Malc - I've never really liked it. To name just one thing about it that I seriously dislike - the constant, too-bloody-loud music that makes it all but impossible to follow the dialogue.
Agree about the jarring music in the past few series, which is more suited to a multiplex blockbuster. This is a shame as a lot of innovative electronic music from the Radiophonic Workshop team was used in Dr Who. The Pertwee era Sea Devils episodes were the first TV programme to use a specially composed electronic music score that Kraftwerk would have been pleased with.

I'm not a Dr Who obsessive however but knew this through an interest in the likes of Malcolom Clarke, Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire who were given carte blanche by the BBC to develop the frontiers of electronic music through the Radiophonic Workshop.
By Abernathy
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That was very much a positive of the early Dr Who programming. The revived version has even trashed the Radiophonic Workshop's classic theme music. Another reason I dislike it.
By youngian
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Peter McLie the World's Worst Columnist as he is known to Private Eye readers shows again this week why he is shit beyond belief.

DI McKay has used his top investigative powers on the case of Madelaine McCann and has reached a startling conclusion; Johnny Foreigner hates the British and we hate them so therefore they let off murderers and kidnappers.
Are Portuguese police less effective than our own? I don’t know. But they do have different procedures, such as naming suspects — as they demonstrated, embarrassingly, by including Kate and Gerry McCann for a time.

Did they make less of an effort because missing Madeleine was British, not Portuguese?

The fact is that the Madeleine McCann investigation illuminates the inadequacies of the European Union. Despite EU pretensions, we are foreign to the people of mainland Europe and so are they to us.
The evidence piles up for Professor McKay's thesis
The so-called ‘hitman’ murder last year in Annecy, France, of a Surrey-based family — Saad al-Hilli, his wife and mother-in-law, along with a passing cyclist — remains unsolved following a French investigation which seems languid, to be polite.

We don’t imagine that if we were ever to go missing or be murdered there, the impetus to find us or our killers would be as great as a local victim’s family might expect.

Neither am I sure that visitors here from mainland Europe, or anywhere else ‘abroad,’ can expect the same level of interest as a local victim of crime, although our police are bound to say otherwise.

McKay the philospher also contributes to the article
To a degree, most of us are chauvinists in the original sense of the word — i.e., we have ‘an unquestioned devotion to our own country’ (especially if accused of being otherwise).

I believe that the EU blinds itself to this in the way Marxists refuse to accept the concept of human freedom to choose.

As a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society McKay also informs us that; "Europe is not, and may never be, a homogeneous territory."

Maybe not Peter but your an ignorant thick cunt in anyones language.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... z2ho3bRt4f" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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By Big Arnold
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Tim Ball, Buxton, 1 day ago
Fantastic! Daily Mail default setting: it must be foreigners that are to blame.
I didn't get the impression from Crimewatch that Scotland Yard were going to do any better. The programme didn't live up to the hype it was given.
By satnav
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Whilst I don't think the police in Portugal covered themselves in glory, I do think any police force would have struggled to carry out a successful investigation given the circumstances. Because the abduction took place in a holiday resort it was always going to be hard to interview all potential witnesses because many will have left soon after the incident. I also seem to remember that there were suggestions at the time that the people who dined with the McCann's on the night Maddie was abducted didn't fully co-operate with the police when they were interviewed.
By Esqui
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Christ en croute...
Slippery he may be, but Dave’s right about the European Union: Our real enemy is Frau Merkel

Actual photo on the article.
In theory, the 28 independent nations enjoy equal rights, but in practice it’s run by Angela Merkel.

It’s a curious kind of country which dumps a 300-plus year union with a contiguous neighbour [Scotland] for one led by Germany, which it has twice fought against in world wars.
Does he even hear himself?
Shaun Bailey

I've noticed lately that a lot of people are again[…]

Toby Young


Jeremy "Fucking off" Corbyn.


Shona Sibary

Christ, is she still alive?