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By Andy McDandy
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Her aim is to foster division and to make herself look like a martyr. Here she is, just asking questions all politely, then someone gets in her face. Who, on the face of it, is the unreasonable one?

The point of her questioning is similar to those cases of MRAs declaring themselves women to get onto all female shortlists. Ask a question that can be answered in 2 ways - long and complex positive, or short and dismissive negative. If you can't give a short positive, you're screwed. If you're explaining, you're failing and so on.

But ultimately it's about her looking like a selfless martyr, and her opponents looking unreasonable.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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individual voluntary arrangement

noun: individual voluntary arrangement; plural noun: individual voluntary arrangements
(in England and Wales) a legal agreement made between a person unable to pay their debts and their creditors, which allows the debts to be paid off over a stated period of time.
By mr angry manchester
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Unless she gets bailed out by the cunt editor of some right wing shit rag.

Seems that spouting horrendous bigotry doesn’t pay like it used to? I actually think that she is genuinely insane. Being so angry all the time and so full of hate can’t be good for your mental health.
By Andy McDandy
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I think that her problem was that she always wanted to be a media personality. Her stint on The Apprentice was her launch pad, the problem being that she didn't really have anything to back it up. Other contestants had actual business acumen or some particular insight. All she had was a posh accent and, at the start, some obnoxious views about people, making her a bit of a love to hate figure.

But the thing is, once you're in the media you can't really go back, unless you're happy being branded washed up and a failure. So once the chav bashing got old, she had to move on. And then she found the gift that keeps on giving - immigration.
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