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An aspiring writer called Shakespeare must bring a weight of expectation. Perhaps Anna Pasternak persuaded him to fuck that
Has Imran Khan secretly married BBC weather girl? Rumours rife in Pakistan where his family are 'against' the 'wedding' to divorced mother of three

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Helena's erotic shopping spree sparks talk of new romance

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Savile Row still doesn't suit Bond - as producers continue deal with American tailor Tom Ford for next film
By PaulOnBooks
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A belated note of this twat's writings on Rosena Allin-Khan:
After I disclosed that Labour’s candidate in the upcoming Tooting by-election Rosena Allin-Khan had secretly worked as a swimwear model, the junior doctor was keen to downplay her glamorous past.
Secretly? Probably not the most successful ad campaign then.
[She] hopes to succeed Sadiq Khan, who stepped down after becoming Mayor.

Khan has said some of his fellow Muslims in the constituency never forgave him for the liberal stance he took on issues such as gay marriage. Let’s hope Rosena’s prospective constituents are more forgiving of her diverse portfolio.
Drivel upon snide drivel.
By bluebellnutter
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If it takes one thousand monkeys on type-writers to type one line of William Shakespeare, I'm guessing it takes one barely conscious otter on an iPad to write one for Sebastian.
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