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By Samanfur
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Piers Morgan in irony meter explosion shocker!
Uppity forrin girl-child should know her place:
Upon hearing the news that Thunberg is tipped to win the Nobel Peace Prize, Morgan has said that she “attacks adults all the time”.

Yes, Piers Morgan said this. Piers. Morgan. *Piers Morgan*.
By satnav
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When Piers asks what Greta done for world peace surely the correct reply is to ask what Piers Morgan has done for journalism apart from publish dangerous fake news on the front page of a newspaper, bragged about phone hacking and indulged in a spot of insider dealing with the help of two journalists working for him at the mirror.
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By Snowflake
Thousands call for Piers Morgan to be fired by Good Morning Britain for ‘dehumanising’ trans people.

https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/t ... li=BBoPRmx

https://www.change.org/p/itv-remove-pie ... f67d39ec2b
By Cyclist
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How many of Morgan's followers are only following him to take the piss out of everything he tweets?

In Morgan's case it's true what David Cameron said:
Too many tweets make a twat
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The Cretin has spoken. It's all Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan's fault apparently. We'll overlook the fact that 95-99% of the electorate have no idea what they have said this week, or the fact that those two wouldn't have entered the minds of 100% of people in poll stations yesterday. It was still their fault.
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