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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Rod is one of the last few fucking idiots still calling for a No Deal Brexit (despite even The Sun doing a massive U-Turn on it) and STILL waffling on about Project Fear:

ROD LIDDLE Remainers warn of kebab shortages and incurable STDs after a No Deal but it’s all lies – they just want to stop Brexit

SO – with every long day that passes the UK is shunted closer and closer to a Brexit deal which is a travesty of what we meant by “Leave”. Or towards a second referendum. Or a delay in leaving altogether.

You can tell what side the House of Commons is on, can’t you?

The one thing slipping away from our grasp is “No Deal”. They won’t let it happen. The Commons would vote against that by a majority of two to one.

And yet that is what we meant when we voted Leave. For months now the Remainer politicians and the BBC have been telling us about all sorts of disasters that will befall us if we leave with no deal.

The Beeb even managed to dig up a kebab shop owner in Gloucester who reckons people aren’t buying his kebabs because they fear a No Deal Brexit.

Yeah, I can just imagine. You’re walking along and think: “Oooh, I really fancy a nice doner kebab. Bit of chilli sauce and a crisp salad. But hang on a minute, what about Brexit? Oh well, better have a cheeseburger instead, then.” I mean, WTF?

We’ve been told we’ll all have incurable venereal disease if we leave the EU with no deal. Nope, not kidding. That report came from the Evening Standard. There will be no Mars bars. Planes will fail to take off. Perhaps they will drop out of the sky too because the laws of physics will no longer work.

Every time a business announces it will move elsewhere, the BBC tells us that Brexit is the cause.

Despite the fact that in the case of our car manufacturers, for example, and Dyson, Brexit has nothing whatsoever to do with their decisions to relocate.

And it’s this constant stream of laughable propaganda that has got nutters stocking up on dried food at the local supermarkets. Worried that we’ll all starve after March 29.

Listen, I have few doubts that there might be one or two inconveniences in the first month or so after we leave with No Deal.

But to listen to the Chicken Lickens from Remain you’d imagine that not only was the sky going to fall in, but plagues of killer bees would be unleashed on us all.

This has been the softening up exercise to beat them all.

The message has been: Hammer the dumb b****rds over the head with the most fantastic b****cks imaginable.
And then we can step in and say — look, we know how you voted. But this is for your OWN good, you ghastly little people. You don’t want to die of venereal disease while being stung by a killer bee and without even a kebab for comfort, do you?

We’ll sort it out for you — or maybe, here’s an idea, you’d like to have another go at voting? Because you kinda got it wrong last time.

It’s a plan which looks very much like it’s going to work. From where I’m sitting, I don’t see us leaving the EU properly, if at all. And where, then, does that leave the people’s trust in democracy?

And here the proven filthy racist shitbag comes out with a right whopper:

Truth is, this is an incredibly tolerant country with virtually no animosity directed at immigrants.
Let's be proud

The UK is one of the least racist countries on the planet, according to a new study.

What’s more, there has been no noticeable rise in racism since we voted to leave the European Union.

You wouldn’t think this if you watched the BBC or read the liberal newspapers. Or listened to an embittered remain voter going on about how we’re all horrible xenophobes.

Truth is, this is an incredibly tolerant country with virtually no animosity directed at immigrants.

Which is one of the reasons, I suppose, why they all want to come here.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Rod Liddle talks about racism for a change...

Racism is wrong but opposing an ideology that is ‘deeply oppressive’ is not

A BUNCH of people have been kicked out of the Conservative Party for saying nasty stuff about Muslims.

Fair enough in most of the cases, I reckon.

Saying things like “get rid of all mosques” or “turf all Muslims out of public office” is as offensive as it is stupid.

A couple of others warned about a Muslim takeover of this country. I think that’s overstating the case a little.

But a lot of people who live in areas of Britain which have become predominantly Muslim might be nodding their heads in agreement.

The thing that worries me, though, is the drive to banish something called “Islamophobia”.

And I speak as someone who was a proud nominee of “Islamophobe Of The Year” by some Muslim pressure group.

I lost, as it happens, in the final. Can’t win ’em all.

I am not “Islamophobic”. I do not have an irrational fear or hatred of Islam.

And I certainly don’t have an irrational fear or hatred of Muslims.

It’s simply that there are elements of the Islamic ideology which I find deeply repressive, misogynistic, anti- Semitic, anti-democratic and homophobic.

And you will find those elements both in the Koran and the hadiths of Islamic scholars.

Having grave doubts about an ideology does not make someone a racist. You might as well call me Marxismophobic, because I have grave doubts about Marxism, too.

I don’t like Marxism because I think its critique of society is deeply flawed and that it is an absolutist doctrine, intolerant of other views.

And truth be told, I think much the same about Islam.

And I say that knowing that there are many, many Muslims who would like their religion to go through some sort of reformation.

My argument is not with them. It’s with an ideology.

And the problem is that this ludicrous word, Islamophobia, has been co-opted by our Government and our authorities.

They wish to make expressing doubts about Islam a “hate crime”.

Well, sorry, I have my doubts and will not be bullied into silence by this kind of authoritarian political correctness.

A House of Commons committee recently said that merely to associate the religion of Islam with terrorism carried out in the name of Islam was Islamophobic and therefore a hate crime.

What, no matter how loudly the bomber, or the stabber, screams “Allahu Akbar!” That is an absurdity.

Some 24 per cent of the world is Muslim. But so much of terrorism is done in the name of Islam. When you look at IS or al-Qaeda — or indeed Hamas, Saudi Arabia, the Muslim insurgents in the Philippines, in Nigeria . . . you cannot simply announce with certainty that none of their evil actions are anything to do with Islam.

Racism is a horrible and irrational thing and I have no time for it. Having a rational objection to an ideology is very different indeed.

And trying to criminalise those objections is a disavowal of democracy and freedom of thought and speech.

"I don't support Tommy Robinson but...."

Ban just fires up Tommy fans

I don’t have much time for Tommy Robinson.

Most of the stuff he does seems to be an exercise in self publicity. And the stench of racism is never far away from him.

But I notice he’s had his Twitter feed and Facebook account closed down. And now Amazon is refusing to stock his book.

This is to my mind wholly wrong. Unless he’s breaking the law he should be allowed to express himself the same as anyone else.

And let US be the judge of whether he’s talking inflammatory b******s or not. Banning him from everywhere only gives his million followers the conviction that there’s a conspiracy against him.

This kind of bullying never works in the end.

"Black savages..."

Fight’s on for Czar

So now we have a knife “czar” and a knife task force. All to combat the terrible murders of young kids on the streets of London. Good, perhaps we’re taking the issue seriously for once. I sometimes got the impression that because it was just working-class black youngsters killing other working class black youngsters, nobody really gave a damn.

But we won’t sort out the issue until we start asking hard and inconvenient questions.

It’s not all about poverty and it’s not all about drugs.

It’s also about the culture in which the kids grow up, usually without dads. And the status given to drug dealers and gangsters.

Another swipe and Khan:

Jammy Bodger

The latest thing we’re not allowed to look at is pictures of jam and butter.

Supermarket adverts featuring the stuff have been banned from the London Underground.

This is because London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, thinks they are dangerous. Not as dangerous as being stabbed in the throat, mate – shouldn’t you sort that business out first?

I suspect one day all kinds of jam will come in plain black wrappers, with just a picture of some fat bloke on a defibrillator.

It’ll be kept with the fags and the scratchcards and you’ll have to ask for your flavour while looking embarrassed.

I hate this country sometimes.

I hate this country sometimes.

Fuck off then.

A of course, a pointless sneer at trans people:

Living as a man

Texan Wyley Simpson was a lady called Whitney who started living as a man.

Now, however, Wyley’s pregnant.

Isn’t the fact of the pregnancy clear evidence that she is still a woman?
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