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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Rod is in his elements. He gets to talk about his 2 favourite subjects. Muslims and racists.

Covering his back incase he gets exposed as a regular visitor to Stormfront? :wink:


THERE’S outrage that a far- Right, ­neo-Nazi website based in the US has had ­millions of visitors – including 80,000 people from the UK.

They haven’t named the ­website. But I would be pretty sure that it’s the Stormfront white nationalist community.

This is a bunch of ­shaven- headed, knuckle-dragging white supremacists. And if it is Stormfront, I’m one of the 80,000 Brits who have visited the site.

Why? Because I like to see what these lunatics are up to, and what they’re saying.

And I would have thought it was useful for the authorities to keep an eye on them, too.

Close it down and they’ll go underground. Which would be more dangerous, no?

Half-Baked, that's all

THIS country gets more deranged by the very week. Comic and presenter Danny Baker did something stupid.

He tweeted a photo of a posh couple with a baby chimp and likened it to Meghan and Harry coming out of hospital with their baby.

He hadn’t meant it to be ­racist. Hadn’t even occurred to him. Sacked from his job by the pompous and stupid BBC.

And now – get this – the police got involved.

Presumably because they haven’t got enough to do apprehending half of ­London stabbing each other to death.

When is this obsessive ­nonsense going to stop?

ROD LIDDLE Islamophobia a hate crime… whatever next? A ban on criticising Marx and fascism

THERE’S an important debate in the House of Commons today – and for once it’s not about bloody Brexit. It’s about Islamophobia.

The Government is under pressure to make it a hate crime.

Quite how you can ban people from having rational objections to a highly questionable ideology eludes me. It’s like trying to ban criticism of fascism, or Marxism. But that’s what they’re doing.

An All-Party Parliamentary Group has already drawn up rules about what it considers Islamophobia.

The Government says it does not accept the definition.

Apparently, suggesting that Muslims are more likely than other religions to carry out terror attacks is Islamophobic now. Do that, and you could be guilty of a hate crime.

Yes, even when the perpetrator has screamed “Allahu Akbar” before slicing someone’s head off.

And has posted a video stating that he’s carried out his murder in defence of Islam.

This is a madness, a politically correct madness. It’s a denial of truth and a denial of logic.

But few people dare put their heads above the parapet to say that it is madness, for fear of being called “racist”.

One has, however. Martin Hewitt, boss of the National Police Chiefs’ Council.

He has said that the law will make it harder to police anti-terror operations.

And that it will hinder stop-and-search procedures, and is undermining our attempts to stop jihadis murdering us all.

He also pointed out that under the proposals: “Any criticism of standard Sharia rulings which are at odds with our laws and customs . . . will become unexaminable.” This is outrageous and dangerous. We should not have Sharia rulings in our country in the first place. They tend to discriminate horribly against women.

And people who live in our country should all follow the same law, whatever race or religion they might be.

It is absurd to pretend that terrorist attacks carried out by Muslim extremists are entirely detached from Islam.

They are patently very closely attached and perhaps inspired by Islamic ideology.

Further, a frightening number of Muslims worldwide and even within our country often approve of such attacks.

A 2015 Radio 4 poll found 45 per cent of British Muslims agree that clerics preaching violence against the West represent “mainstream Islam”.

Around half (49 per cent) believe Muslim clerics preaching that violence against the West can be justified are out of touch with mainstream Muslim opinion.

Clearly, the vast majority of Muslims in this country do not approve of the kind of outrages we’ve seen both in the UK and in continental Europe.

I daresay many do not agree with jailing homosexuals, or the death sentence for apostates, or female genital mutilation, either. Not to mention the complete subjugation of women.

And yet that is what happens in states which describe themselves as Islamic.

And those persecutions are carried out precisely in the name of Islam.

Muslims are already protected under our current anti-hate laws, and so they should be. But to criminalise a fictitious notion such as Islamophobia is a clear denial of reality.

You will remember the appalling murders of Muslims in Christchurch by a right-wing fanatic. We were rightly quick to condemn the ideology which motivated the savage who carried out that attack.

We must have the same right to condemn the ideology behind Islamist attacks.
By Andy McDandy
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Well, no Rod. Three sad wankers in the back of the pitbull and hammer isn't more dangerous than the same sad wankers being egged on by manipulative wankers across the globe.

And you're visiting the sites for "research", right? Don't think you let others get away with that excuse.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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They go into some weird blinkered auto-pilot when it happens. The international media are talking about and reporting on it. World leaders are condemning it and imams are dragged out to condemn it, yet you've got cretins like Liddle screaming "Why isn't anybody saying anything? Is it because he's Muslim?" Just bizarre.
By Andy McDandy
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Because they want bodies hanging from trees. I have a Yahoo mail account, and if I check it on my phone, it shows me the top news stories and best rated comment.

My god, it's grim. It's a world in which the police cover up crimes committed by BAME people (unless they're named, in which it's "proof" that multiculturalism is doomed and send em all back), where liberalism is forcing the kids to suck paedo dicks, where white people are under siege...

And where raw emotion trumps facts every time.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Rod tries to be outrageously sexist for no reason at all other than the fact he's Rod Liddle:

Women playing funny old game

I HATE to spoil the party – but this Women’s World Cup thing, you know?

The women are about as good at playing football as I am at ironing.

A team of men – any men – would beat every team in the competition with ease. Even if the men had Stevie Wonder in goal, Stephen Hawking on the wing and Jacob Rees-Mogg at centre-forward.

Yes, I know Stephen Hawking’s dead, but my point still stands. And it is all being rammed down our throats for political reasons. Meanwhile, out in France, they can’t shift tickets for the games. Nobody cares.

Clare Balding once exhorted us all to watch women’s football because there was never any trouble on the terraces.

No, indeed. There’s nobody there.

His turn to intentionally misunderstand the BBC license fee saga:

ROD LIDDLE BBC should target Gary Lineker and ‘resource schedulers’ – not free TV licences for OAPs

JUST when you thought the BBC couldn’t get any dumber, it’s pulled a gigantic rabbit-moron out of its hat.

Director-General Tony Hall has decided to end free TV licences for people over the age of 75. If they’d made Diane Abbott the new Doctor Who they couldn’t have aroused more anger.

That’s up to 3.7million pensioners, including D-Day heroes, now forced to fork out for Auntie’s criminal tax of £154.50.

There’s already a huge petition demanding Lord Hall thinks again. And pensioner organisations are calling for a boycott of BBC programmes.

Count me in. Hell, it won’t be much to give up, will it?

Not only that, but soon — presumably — the Beeb will be hauling 80-year-olds into court because they haven’t coughed up their fee.

That’ll be good publicity, won’t it? And it will convince even more people that not paying the licence should be decriminalised. As it should.

The BBC is insisting that this was a “tough decision to take”. And that if they didn’t do it, they’d have to close some channels down.

Really? How about sacking Gary Lineker? Does he really deserve almost 2million quid a year for whining about Brexit and telling you what’s coming next on Match Of The Day?

There are plenty more big-star salaries that could be sacrificed, too.

But how about getting rid of the vast swathe of middle managers in the BBC?

When I was a journo there I had to answer to about 20 bosses, most of who were inept and who usually disagreed with each other. More bosses than you could shake a stick at.

There’s 21,000 people working for the BBC. If you got rid of a few thousand middle managers the output would improve and they’d have easily saved their money.

Director-Generals always say they’re going to cut down on the middle managers. They never do.

Director-Generals also say they’re going to spend less on consultants. Lord Hall promised precisely this. But last year they INCREASED that spending to £4.4million.

Or how about they close down the BBC’s online service, which competes against commercial organisations and is utterly unnecessary?

This is the problem — well, one problem — with the Beeb. It over-reaches. It’s meant to make nice radio and TV programmes we might all enjoy. But that’s long forgotten.

It now tries to do everything. And it tramples on commercial organisations which don’t have a yearly licence fee to support their grandiose schemes.

Have a look at the web page for BBC jobs. They’re asking for architects, data scientists and resource schedulers.

I haven’t a clue what a resource scheduler is, but I bet the BBC could get by without one. And architects?

This is all a real own goal by the BBC. More and more people are sick to the back teeth of its relentless political bias, its political correctness and the lack of decent stuff you might want to watch or hear.

Truth is, it shouldn’t be just the pensioners who should be excused paying the licence fee.

It is time it was removed from the rest of us as well.

It’s long outlived its usefulness.

Tudor's manor isn't UK

YAY, welcome to the UK, Leonard-Valter Tudor – crazy name, crazy guy.

The Romanian pitched up here last Friday. The following day he was arrested for trying to shoplift £500 worth of stuff from TKMaxx.

On Monday he was sentenced to 16 weeks in a young offenders’ institute.

The proper ending to this story would see Lenny kicked out of the country as soon as he finishes his sentence.

But nope, he intends to make a life for himself – and his wife and child – in South Yorkshire. Lucky South Yorkshire.

How come we are so powerless to deport costly petty criminals like Leonard?


IT’S GCSE time – and some of the kids were reportedly upset by a question in the maths paper.

It asked them to carry out a calculation involving calories. This “triggered” the little mites, apparently.

They started worrying about weight loss and whether or not they were obese. One student was so upset she had to leave the exam hall “in a panic”.

Do you ever worry about the sort of gener- ation we’re bringing up?

And what will happen to them once they get out into the real world?

And what exactly does he suggest we do to "intervene" and stop China here?

THERE’S big trouble in Hong Kong – thousands of demonstrators on the streets.

We gave the city back to China more than 20 years ago. China promised to allow the place autonomy and democracy.

But China, a ruthless totalitarian state, is closing its grip on the little island.

In future, people arrested in Hong Kong can be extradited to the mainland. It’s time we intervened and stood firm with the protestors for democracy.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Popbitch wrote:We've previously had cause to mention the multiple eyewitness reports we've heard of Michael Gove's unnerving habit in the gents – the one where he slips his willy out of his trousers long before he's anywhere near the urinal, and then is equally slow to rehouse it as he walks over to the sink.

Turns out he's not alone in this habit.

Former colleagues of Rod Liddle recall in horror that he too liked to start his piss preparations early. He used to start getting himself ready while walking across the office floor, usually managing to get his fly open, his belt unbuckled and the top button of his trousers undone before he'd even reached the toilet door.
By MisterMuncher
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Oddly enough, I don't worry too much about the generation we're bringing up. I'm not sure what will happen to them out in the world, but one might hope such sensitive souls wouldn't be the kind to get pissed up and beat pregnant women.

And seriously, what the fuck does Liddle know of the real world? He hasn't done a hard days work in his fucking life.
By MisterMuncher
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He's of a mindset (not a generation, he's three years younger than me dad) that takes a certain pride in drinkin' smokin' and eatin' shite. He doesn't see the issue because he's immune to body image issues from the opposite direction. Have no doubt he'd be equally scornful of those (men) who make an effort to eat right and keep themselves in decent order (but not women, who's purpose is to look pretty for Rob) as he would of someone fat(ter) and in (even) worse shape than he is. Because he's a contrarian, a cultural chauvinist, stuck in nostalgic mental masturbation, and most of all, a bit of a cunt.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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What a childish, rude cunt.

SPREAD the glorious news! The Lib Dems have elected a new leader! She’s called Jo Swimsuit or something.

She likes it her way

SPREAD the glorious news! The Lib Dems have elected a new leader! She’s called Jo Swimsuit or something.

I’m not sure anyone has noticed yet.

Anyway, she immediately demonstrated her full-blooded support for democracy.

She said even if people voted leave in a second referendum, she’d still ignore it.

Swimsuit only likes democracy when people vote the way she wants.

Leave? Oh Yas, please!

ONE of the best things about BoJo becoming Prime Minister is that the perpetually screeching Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has vowed to leave the country.

Brown loathes the white English working class.

So it was always a mystery to me why she stayed in the country. Seeing as there are quite a lot of white, English, working-class people.

Anyway, she vowed to get the hell out if Johnson became PM.

Trouble is, people say stuff like this but rarely act on it.

I suggest we set up a crowdfunding page for her plane ticket and maybe throw in some extra money for en-route snacks and stuff.

Off you go to Heathrow, Yazza.

Failing PCs are too PC

CARL BEECH made a series of outrageous claims of sexual abuse, torture and murder by members of the old Conservative establishment.

This serial liar and fantasist will soon be sentenced for his crimes.

The reason the police believed this madman is because they have been told they must. They are no longer allowed to employ common sense.

In order to be politically correct they have had to shed all semblance of judgment.

Crying about lefty bookshops. What he's basically doing here is using his platform to try and destroy an already struggling industry. Cunt.

Pure political bias

THE job of a bookshop, you would have thought, is to sell books.

Trouble is, they are useless at it. They are politically biased and cater solely to a tiny minority of gibbering liberals.

I’ve got a book out at the moment, called The Great Betrayal – The True Story Of Brexit. I’ve had complaints from people who want to read it that they can’t find it in bookshops.

The bookshop staff say they thought there wouldn’t be any interest in it. But it was the No5 best-seller in the country and was No7 on Amazon worldwide. It’s pure political bias.

If you want the book – go on Amazon.

Left are the real clowns

TOP prize in the “Most Rational and Measured Response to Boris Johnson Becoming Prime Minister” goes to – of course – The Guardian.

For this headline: “The Clown Is Crowned As The Country Burns In Hell.”

Followed by 1,000 words of hysterical drivel.

Brilliant. The Left really don’t like it when they don’t get their own way.

Anyway, this is but the first example of BDS – Boris Derangement Syndrome. Don’t worry. Lots more of it to come.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Next up to give Meghan a kicking is Rod Liddle - it's as abusive as you'd expect from Liddle. He insists it's nothing to do with racism and that only Lefties are obsessed with race. Then in his next part of his column he starts accusing Labour of being racist.
According to Harry ... many are guilty of “unconscious racism”.

Listen, Ginge. There are many things I find objectionable about Meghan but nobody here cares that she’s of mixed race.

Oh, and tabloid journalists have recently (belatedly as usual) learned the expression "woke" and the Mail and Sun are now using it in nearly every single article they write.

ROD LIDDLE The inspirational woman missing from Meghan Markle’s vomit-inducing Vogue front cover is the Queen

LOOK, I’m a patriotic kind of guy. I stand up to sing God Save The Queen and like waving a flag around.

So if the following gets me sent to the Tower, I hope they’ll take that into consideration.

It’s just this. Meghan and Harry are really beginning to get on my t*ts.

Especially Meghan — although Harry’s coming up fast on the inside track.

The presumption and hypocrisy of this ultra-woke couple knows no bounds.

They’ve just announced they will only be having two children to set an example to the rest of us, because they want to save the planet.

Our birthrate here is actually decreasing, you morons.

How about you encourage birth control in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the problem really lies?

But that wouldn’t be politically correct, would it? You wouldn’t dare say it.

And if you are concerned about the planet, how about you stop flying in a private jet to New York every few weeks for lavish parties with your smug, dunderheaded, sleb friends, huh?

Meghan agonises over the poor (in that very self-satisfied way rich lefties always do).

OK, love. Then when you want your cottage kitted out, why not pop down to Ikea like the rest of us, instead of landing the poor British taxpayer with a £2.4million bill? Incredible.

She says she craves privacy. She gets very stroppy when on one of her freebie jaunts to Wimbledon some bloke near her has his mobile phone pointed somewhere in her vicinity.

She bans the media from the christening of her baby and throws up a cordon around her home.

But a moment later she’s guest-editing the pompous fashion magazine Vogue and revelling in the publicity. On the front cover she chose a bunch of “inspirational women” who she thinks are brilliant for their work in “consciousness raising”.

They’re virtually all extremely affluent slebs who advance their own careers and incomes by occasionally parroting fashionable lefty b*****ks.

Quite a few of them, such as the awful, third-division TV presenter Jameela Jalil, are devoid of any talent at all.

In the past, even genuine criticism of Harrynmeg has been met with accusations of racism.

According to Harry — who at one time was an amiable if rather dim rugger-bugger who enjoyed dressing up in Nazi uniform — many are guilty of “unconscious racism”.

In 2016, he complained publicly of “racial over-tones” in comments about Meghan.

Listen, Ginge. There are many things I find objectionable about Meghan but nobody here cares that she’s of mixed race.

Except maybe for some lefties who can’t stop crowing about “how far we’ve come”.

For the rest of us it made no difference at all.

Unconscious racism does not exist, by the way, Harry.

Racism is something one does deliberately, with wicked intent.

There was one inspirational woman missing from Meghan’s vomit-inducing front cover.

A woman who knows the meaning of dignity, responsibility and duty and is the perfect role model for Meghan herself.

Yes, love — it’s your gran-in- law. The Queen.

Remember? Elderly woman with a sparkly hat and some corgis?

Follow her example if you want the British public to like you.

A bit less grandstanding on issues about which you know nothing at all, a bit less hypocrisy and a bit more devotion to duty.

It’s not all about you, Duchess.

Save our treats

ENEMY Of The People Award this week goes to a bloke called Alan Jope, the UK boss of food giant Unilever.

Jopey says his firm may stop making very popular British brands, including Marmite, Pot Noodle and – God help us – Magnum ice creams.

Why? Have sales dropped off or something? Nope, says Jope.

They’re all doing very well indeed. But brands should only be made if they “contribute meaningfully to the world or society”, he said.

Listen, you over-woke muppet. They do contribute meaningfully. They make us happy because we like eating them.

Now get on with your job of making food and stop acting like an adolescent Extinction Rebellion protestor with the IQ of a Dairylea cheese string. A single cheese string. A short one.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject – let’s make Heinz bring back Toast Toppers.

That would be a meaningful contribution to society. Especially the mushroom and bacon one which looked like cat puke but tasted deeeeelicious.

Labour Cabinet shame

THE Labour Party’s reaction to Boris Johnson’s ethnically diverse Cabinet has been both repulsive and racist.

It suggests that people with black and brown skin should be allowed to believe only what the Left wants them to believe.

Racial equality surely means that we all have freedom to be right-wing, left-wing or centrist, doesn’t it?

My suspicion is that ethnic-minority people in the UK are turning away from Labour because they are sick of ­perpetually being cast as victims.

And then, just because he's Rod Liddle he takes a sad story and jokes about it. I guess for no other reason other than he's simply a horrible cunt.

Not best pleased

YOU’VE got to feel a bit sorry for Jim Stauffer.

His mum, Doris, sadly died. And he donated her body to biomedical research. For research into Alzheimer’s disease.

But the hospital flogged Doris to the US army for $5,000. Then she was strapped to a chair and blown up with a bomb.

Jim is not best pleased. Have to say, though, I wouldn’t mind going that way.

Or better still, strapped to the nose of an intercontinental ballistic missile heading for Tehran.
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