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By MisterMuncher
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A fine argument against Bono's stance there. Many a debate won by rendering a middle-class Dub's speech into phonetic West Belfast.

You can't help but wonder when newspaper opinion columnists like Liddle lash out at others expressing political opinions beyond their job title, they do so without self-awareness, or if they genuinely believe their vast experience writing pish qualifies them.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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youngian wrote:
Thu Sep 19, 2019 12:38 pm
Wtf is that “Our middle-class twits” article about and who are the people he mentions?

Both The Mail and Sun don't seem to do it as much as they use to* but it's a "benefits scroungers" story that's been doing the rounds:

YOU'RE KIDDING Off-grid parents on benefits say they deserve their three-bed council house as they’re saving taxpayers’ cash by home-schooling kids
https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/99481 ... ling-kids/

*I think the "benefits scrounger" stuff we saw so often in the tabloids has died down a bit because they were only the back-up target after blacks and browns. Now they've learned they can get away with being outright racist to blacks and browns the benefits scroungers have taken a bit of a back seat.
By Andy McDandy
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The enemy now seems to be anyone who takes a considered view of things, or reads books, or wears glasses.

And if, as Lidl says, legal matters should be clear cut cases of law, we'd not need judges. Unless in the Judge Dredd/Jeffreys "hanging judge" sense. Which is, to be fair, what he wants.

As a friend on Facebook said, that entire side is basically the guy in a pickup truck with a "My son just decked your honours student kid" sticker writ large.
By davidjay
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First they used unelected judges to ensure Parliament has the final say on whether we Leave or not, rather than you.
This is the whole Leaver argument in a nutshell; Parliamentary democracy was fine for 800 years but we don't want it anymore.
By Andy McDandy
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They want an executive enacting the will of the people, while judges are there to decide just how guilty this little toerag is and how he'll be executed. And as long as it's not called a dictatorship, it can't possibly be a dictatorship, right?
By Dan
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The Supreme Court are not ruling about whether Brexit will happen or not - they are ruling about whether Johnson's prorogation of Parliament was legal or not. A totally separate issue.

The courts could have stopped Brexit some time ago but they actively did not because they, legally correctly, stated that the referendum could be voided were it binding but as it were advisory, it was a political issue.

The courts, therefore, saved the opportunity for Brexit.

However, it's all going wrong due to Leave's incompetence so it must be the fault of "Remoaners".
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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ROD LIDDLE Privileged Prince Harry’s whining about ‘struggling to get out of bed’ is getting people down

PRINCE HARRY has been explaining how he finds it difficult to get out of bed on a morning due to his worries about the state of the world.

I really don’t know what’s wrong with this bloke.

Listen, Harry. Many, many people find it hard to get out of bed in the morning because they don’t know where the next meal is going to come from.

Or because they’re about to slave all day for a pittance at a back-breaking job which they hate.

Can I suggest it’s a bit easier to get out of bed in the morning when your flunkey’s just brought you a nice boiled egg while another flunkey is getting your private plane ready for take-off?

You are an immensely rich, immensely privileged, white male.

And this constant emoting and whining is beginning to get a lot of people down.

It’s good you worry about the world, sure. We all do.

But if I were you I’d worry more directly about preserving our Royal Family, of which you are an important part.


SO – Labour is to demolish all private schools, machine gun the pupils and string the teachers up from lampposts.

All the land will be made into housing estates for refugees. Or something.

Truth be told, I see nothing wrong with removing the charitable status from private schools. They’re not charities, after all.

And I wish we could do something to stop private school pupils taking the best jobs everywhere (such as, er, leader of the Labour Party).

Private school-educated people make up only seven per cent of the population, and yet seem to run everything.

But I wonder how this war against private education sits with some of Jeremy Corbyn’s colleagues? Such as the ghastly Shami Chakrabarti, who sends her child to one of the most expensive schools in the country? Or Diane Abbott, who also sent her kid private.

One rule for them, you see, one rule for you scumbags out there, the voters.

For Rugby fans, this is sacrilege. Calling the Haka a "stupid dance"?!

Haka'd enough

THE Irish have had enough of the Haka. That’s the stupid dance performed by the New Zealand All Blacks before each game of rugby. Now an Irish journo has suggested that it should be banned.

Ewan MacKenna says it gives the kiwis an “unfair advantage”. Aw, give it a rest. It just makes them look silly. If the Irish are worried they could come up with their own dance – lots of fiddles, riverdancing and “too-ra-loo-ra-li” kind of thing.


I HOPE those 11 Supreme Court judges enjoyed their moment in the spotlight. They certainly seemed to. Grandstanding for the general public and denouncing the Prime Minister.

Eleven of them. Remainers. Well-bred remainers, sure. But remainers.

We are expected to go along with the ludicrous notion that this was not a political decision. It clearly was a political decision.

The Supreme Court should not be involving itself in political matters, but it jumped at the chance to do so. And it won’t stop there, believe me. Truth is, we shouldn’t even have a Supreme Court. It was another of Tony Blair’s very bad decisions.

Proroguing Parliament was also a bad decision in my book. There wasn’t much to be gained from it. And it left Boris Johnson open to precisely this kind of attack from the liberal establishment which wants to kill Brexit completely. The judges are part of that establishment.

But I can see why Boris did it. Parliament has failed, abysmally, to honour the 2016 referendum and respect the will of the people.

Every possible attempt to get Brexit through has fallen. By-passing Parliament was the last chance for Brexit, then — and that has fallen too. Parliament has proved itself beyond useless.

It is not remotely representative of the country. Facing Bojo on the opposition benches are an array of gibbering, self-serving weasels. Cowardly weasels. Weasels who were happy to mouth the words, “We must respect the view of the people . . . ”, but who have long since stopped doing so.

Cowardly because they are terrified of the proper outcome to all of this — an immediate general election.

What these awful people will do now is simply keep Boris prisoner. Vote against everything he proposes and thus cripple the Government. All for their own purposes.

The thing is, though, I think the great mass of people beyond Westminster have cottoned on to this.

They have seen that the Prime Minister did everything he possibly could — and is still trying — to get Brexit over the line. I’m not sure he has always played his hand terribly well. But at least he tried.

He showed genuine commitment.

And I think people get that. We all want this awful mess over with as soon as possible. Labour and the ludicrous Lib Dems are stopping that from happening. We will have a general election very soon. Most likely in November. And what Boris and his colleagues need to do is make sure they have a deal in place with Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. Without it, they will lose the election.

The Tories say there’s no chance of a deal. But they need to hold their noses and accept one. And for his part, Nigel Farage should give credit to Boris for at least trying, for all he was worth, to get Brexit over the line by October 31.

The Brexit Party have a full raft of candidates ready and waiting to do battle. But Farage should be moderate in what he demands from the Conservatives. The most likely scenario now is that the Brexit deadline is extended, with conditions placed upon us by a jubilant European Union. And a caretaker government which will be out to kill Brexit entirely.

Only a pact with the Brexit Party can get the Conservatives — and the country as a whole — out of this mess.

Reach out to your friends, Boris, while you still have them.

What is odd is that in the paper version he has a small bit about Boris and this female 'entrepreneur' scandal and Liddle express concern that it is going to get him in big trouble. The Sun appear to have removed it from their website.
By satnav
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If Liddle believes that Boris Johnson has done everything possible to deliver Brexit how does he explain Johnson's decision to duck out of the Tory leadership contest in 2016 when he was firm favourite to win the contest. Surely somebody keen to deliver Brexit would have done everything possible to become Prime Minister in 2016 to drive Brexit through.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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ROD LIDDLE Jess Phillips and the Remainer mob saying ‘nasty’ language could get them killed is pure narcissism

BETTER be careful what I say. Wouldn’t want to write anything here that might cause Labour MP Jess Phillips to be attacked in the street.

Jess and a whole bunch of Remainer MPs, choreographed by that bumptious John Bercow, the Speaker, were complaining last week about the language used in the House of Commons about Brexit.

They made moan after moan. They even dragged poor Jo Cox into it. Jo was the Labour MP murdered by a right-wing madman in 2016.

They implied that if Boris Johnson and the Government — and the rest of us — used nasty language about them, the same thing might happen.

It was a display of narcissism like no other. And also an attempt to capture the narrative of Brexit.

The words they particularly took exception to were betrayal, surrender and traitor. Oh, and humbug.

Hell, it’s a good job Boris didn’t use the phrase “treacherous backstabbing remainer t***pots”. They’d have been really worked up then.

But here’s the truth. On June 23, 2016, the British people, by a margin of almost two million, voted to leave the European Union.

They did so in a referendum that was binding. It was left to Parliament to see the process through. But Parliament has not seen the process through.

Remainer MPs — the vast majority of the House of Commons — have blocked every possible attempt for the UK to leave the EU.

They are still doing it now, forcing the Government into ever more desperate measures.

So in reality it is impossible to talk about those Remainer MPs without using the word “betrayal”. Because they have betrayed the electorate and the country.

There are no two sides to this debate. Betrayal is what it is, purely and simply. We voted to leave, they stopped it. Simples.

You may wish that we’d voted to remain — but that’s not the issue. A decision was made and it has been reneged upon.

Betrayed. And now they are whipping up all kinds of cant when they get told the truth.

Listen, if its violent language you’re after, how about a call to stab Jeremy Corbyn in the front? Who said that? Jess Phillips.

And if you want more foul- mouthed aggression, just check out her Twitter feed. Or how about her party colleague John McDonnell? He repeated an activist’s call to “lynch” a Tory MP.

The hypocrisy of these people knows no bounds. Not only are they happy to stop Brexit, they also want to police the language we use to show our disgust at their behaviour.

Betrayal is what it is and the Tory remainers, in particular, have been utterly traitorous.

Jess, Bercow, Soubry and the rest — you will not sell us out then tell us we can’t express our anger.

And when they complain about death threats and people saying nasty things to them, here’s a tip. Get yourselves off Twitter and social media in general. Because that’s where the morons are.

So don’t be surprised if one minute you’re tweeting about how we mustn’t leave with No Deal and the next minute some headcase is threatening your life.

The rest of us will stick simply to words. Accurate words. Of which “betrayal” is the most accurate of them all.

Oh lord will Em be next?

OOH, the furore over BBC presenter Naga Munchetty.

When Lenny Henry gets himself involved you know for certain it’s not a laughing matter.

Naga was slapped over the wrists by the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit. It said she had shown a personal bias in her comments about Donald Trump.

She called him “racist” for his tweets. She may have been right. But it’s not her place, as a neutral broadcaster, to say as much.

Mind you, why they picked on Naga is a good question. The BBC’s Washington correspondent, Nick Bryant, calls Trump a racist almost every time he opens his mouth.

But now the director-general Lord Hall has got involved too. He has “overturned” the reprimand.

Here’s the thing, Tony – you can’t do that. You are the boss of the BBC. So you can’t just decide to ignore the official verdict against your own show. That’s like being the judge AND the defendant, your lordship.

Maybe he’ll overturn another verdict from the ECU, involving Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis. She shrieked at me that I was racist and the ECU decided she’d gone too far.

Sometimes I think the BBC is simply an institution of 20,000 overpaid, liberal, middle- class people screaming “racist” at anyone who hoves into view.
Clout of Europe

A POOR chap has been diagnosed with Brexit Psychosis. So upset was he that we voted to leave the European Union he tried to tunnel his way out of hospital. Clawing at the walls and stuff.

He is said to be the first person to be suffering from this affliction. I don’t think so.

Parliament is full of fellow sufferers – although I prefer to call the illness Brexit Derangement Syndrome (BDS). Not to mention most of the BBC, all of our luvvies and of course, Gary Lineker.

I don’t know what treatment this latest bloke is now receiving. But for the rest, I prescribe this.

A nurse in a starchy white uniform repeats endlessly to sufferers: “You can’t always get what you want. Now grow up,” while smacking the invalid across the face with a dead haddock.

And, of course, Harry and Meghan:

Strange Rovers

HARRY and Meghan’s incredibly noble attempts to save the planet continue.

Unhappy with the choice of cars available to them for their tour of South Africa, what did the Palace do? Yes, it flew over a massive Range Rover from the UK.

Was there really not a single car in the entirety of South Africa that would have suited their highnesses?

I suppose it’s a small mercy their camp didn’t have South Africa cut up into chunks and flown over to Heathrow so they could inspect it at leisure.

Harry’s carbon footprint is beginning to exceed even Meghan’s ego.
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