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By youngian
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I didn't bother to read what JHB thinks of Kirstie Allsop but has the audacity to call her Mrs Rent-an-Opinion
JULIA HARTLEY-BREWER A posh flat, a holiday cottage, a mansion staffed by six… welcome to the wonky world of Kirstie Allsnob
As Mrs Rent-an-Opinion rages against the washing machine, she not only has more money than sense, but also more rooms https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4006714/a ... e-allsnob/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
By Kreuzberger
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Some wag on Twitter - a Leaver, no less - has overnight made mention of Julia Dunning-Kruger. Quite delicious.
By Abernathy
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Julie? Shome mishtake, shurely ?

Julia holds a special place in the Mailwatch canon, surely, as the woman who inspired the original Cock vs Conscience thread.
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By Samanfur
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Classy move from JHB here:

Looking at reactions, victims and their families're less than impressed. These right-wing rentagobs really are having to struggle to stand out amongst the new acceptable offensiveness level, aren't they?
By spoonman
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Complete cunt. She gives proof to the point that you can act and speak posh all you want, but you can't buy class - something the family and friends of those who died in the bombing have all shown in the past two decades.

She certainly wouldn't dare be so blasé to try use the victims of either the 7/7 or Manchester Arena bombings to score a crass, cheap point score on Twitter against Corbyn.

I think both myself and MisterMuncher have mentioned before that either of us could have been in Omagh that day only that fate meant otherwise.
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